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İçinde bu sırrı daha fazla tutamayan Emir çaresizce Zafer’le konuşurken Cavidan duyar. Cavidan yaklaşan tehlikenin farkındadır, Emir’in Gülsüm’le konuşmaması için yine hain bir planın düğmesine basar. Öte yandan Reyhan kendisinden saklanan gerçeği öğrenmenin kıyısına gelmiştir. Narin, Oya’nın adliyeye gelmesiyle ne kadar kararlı olduğunu gördü. Narin iyice köşeye sıkışmışken Oya’yı ikna etmeye çalışır. Söz konusu Masal’ın velayetidir. Narin ile Kemal velayet davasını kazanabilecek mi?

When Mr Hikmet is given a terminal diagnosis he wonders what will become of the fortune he has worked so hard to amass - he can't leave everything to his frivolous son Emir. He travels to see Reyhan, the daughter of an old family friend. She is a kind and caring girl and Hikmet has her promise to marry Emir, securing a stable future for the family. But Emir makes his own promise - to punish his father for controlling his life he will treat Reyhan so badly that she is forced to leave him.


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    Episode 214 English summary: Cavidan: how she discovered it, Emir: how do I tell her, years later, you found her and hugged her as a sister, but the person is not your real sister, the man who took the exam had a false diploma, Zafer: but there were many tests that they proved that she was his sister. Emir: you're right, the test was done to convince my mother, Zafer: you can't hide something like that, Emir: because of his sister he went to prison, I can't tell him not in his state, Zafer: if you don't tell him she will not forgive you, I think you should talk to her first, Cavidan: if she talks she will sing, I must have a plan, Narin: don't do it your problem is with me, not with your brother, Oya: you don't interest me, I try to protect My brother and Masal, call people to enter the trial, Narin: I beg you, do not do it, Zafer: if you tell them in detail, it may come to a pleasant end, Emir: it will not react well, I was surprised when I knew it, that is to say everything will be nothing, when we consider the difficulties of the life that has lived up to this moment, discover that they are not sisters, Gülsüm will leave and then everything will be worse I was the one who he put it in his life, now we have just met again, I almost lost Zafer: we are talking about someone who went to jail for his sister Emin they are really sisters now, Gülsüm has not bothered or harmed anyone, Emir: you are right, I will speak with Gülsüm, Cavidan: they cannot speak The trial begins, Kkemal: it seems that the one with the surprise has not arrived, the judge arrives and the trial begins, Cavidan: if he speaks and finds out, this time he will take me away, what are you looking at, are you happy true, but that damn will not speak, Zafer: I am going to an important meeting but you know what you have to do Emir: I know, first I will speak to Gülsüm, thank you, Cavidan: I was taking care of your father and the ulcers on his back have grown a little more and I said that I would lead Melike, but I couldn't help myself. You can help? Emir: I had something to do but I'll take care of it. The lawyer says that as soon as Grandpa asked for custody of Masal, Kemal and Narin got married immediately, without knowing each other, at a police station, and surely someone will receive a reward, the Kemal's lawyer protests, and the judge says that if he speaks without waiting for his turn, he should leave the room, Kemal: this is not right, Gülsüm, he tries to contact a person but he cannot, he must fix the problem as soon as possible, send a message asking you to meet as soon as possible, what way to enter is that, speak Soon I have something to do Cavidan: Melike and Nigar take things out of the basement, you must help what are you waiting for, you are not the lady of the house, Gülsüm: think of the basement, close the door and hang me, if they are doing their job they should, I must go out, Cavidan: he did not want to go to the basement but he will return, Emir will not stop chasing her without talking to her, go to Emir leave his father's room and he says that Gülsüm left, Emir: you woke up, I keep quiet, he sleeps, Reyhan: do not go, I do not sleep rest my eyes, Emir: you have been very sleepy in recent days, Reyhan: what Chees that he is hiding from us, Emir: tell your mother, don't worry, let him go, Reyhan: even if he denies, tell him that it is clear that we do not swallow ashes, we see it in his eyes, Emir: tell your mother skeptical who started to worry again, tell him to focus only on you, we already agreed, when I go to traboajan it is his duty Reyhan: Inger is jealous wants me to pamper him, Emir: none of you will forget what I said, Always smile, look like this, look at your smiling eyes, Kemal's lawyer says that it is not so, the report of the social worker shows it, Masal is growing up in a calm environment according to his teachers , Reyhan: Incer is angry, maybe he wants to be there Emir: I would like to stay with you, but I must work, Reyhan: I will take care of Incer, do not be late, Emir: Do not know, I agree? Reyhan: I will sleep, when I am sleepy, I will eat even if I am not hungry, memorize everything, do not worry, you are fine, I worry you have been different since ayen Emir: rest, I want to see my wife better when I return. The grandfather's lawyer says that he has a witness who knows the true situation from within, Oya Tarhun, The judge asks Oya to go to testify, Gülsüm anxiously awaits a person, since he is afraid that Cavidan will Lock her up or send her to murder, the man arrives and Gülsüm says he has a job for him, he replies that he will if he pays him 500 lire, kemal: what's up, Oya told you about this, Narin: think don't do it For the love of God, Oya: I live in the house and I am here so that my niece's future is not affected, I know the true face of Narin and as this marriage affects Masal, her life has not been easy, Narin, after winning my brother's heart, he knew how to win Masal, he created a real hogan, he made Masal grow up in a calm family environment, they have a happy marriage, Sheriye wonders how the trial will go, she receives a call from Hizir, she asks if he knows anything about the trial, Sheriye answers no and cut the call since she is not interested in talking to him, and awaits news about the trial, Kemal Oya what are you doing you could have said it, Oya but it was not bad, the judge after that decides and hands custody to Kemal, he is very happy and hugs Narin who cries, Reyhan while looking at 2 baby shoes remembers the yacht ride and the wishes they put in the bottle , Emir: I want 3 healthy and beautiful daughters, listen to foot noises that is Emir but it is Gülsüm: I bought you flowers, Reyhan: my favorites how did you know, they are very beautiful, Gülsüm: you told me, they are not as beautiful as you, that's difficult, sometimes I look at you and I wonder if the face of this girl is better or it is her heart, I can't decide, Reyhan: I wonder why of these compliments, Gülsüm: I don't know much about compliments, I just say what I I'm sorry, Reyhan: you'll make me cry Gülsüm: I have something they do I'll come soon, (not enough text space)look at reply section....

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    Cemre: I don't know how to cook, if I don't put something in the pot there's no food, they knock on the door, Talaz: you ordered pizza,Cemre: pizza, I can do that, Talaz opens the door is Cavidan, Talaz: your evil is being reflected in your face, Cavidan: we need to speak, he wants to enter but Talaz does not allow it, Cavidan: because you do not answer my calls, it is important, Talaz: I don't want to answer and the only person you should see is a doctor, Cemre asks who he's talking to and Talaz responds that he doesn't care, Talaz: what do you want, Cavidan: Gülsüm, Emir discovered, that they are not sisters, If he talks to her, he will tell her everything, you must save me from the problem, Gülsüm: in front of Hizmet he makes a video for Reyhan, I don't know how to say it, when you see this I will be abroad, everyone in the world should have had a sister, to share sadness And joys, I will never forget you, could I forget someone like you? I will remember that beautiful face even if there is a mile away, forgive me,I wish it were real but it is not, I am not your true sister, Cavidan paid, I know that there is no excuse, I should never have accepted we invented the jeweler, and without thinking of you, you never went to jail for a moment, I never thought about it it would be like this, his new objective was to kill your baby so take care of yourself, he started to take me away, I have to run away I am afraid, maybe after watching this video you hate me, but I will always love you, I learned one thing you can have a sister without your blood. Talaz: I won't get involved Cavidan: you found her, you can't leave me alone, I can't deal with the mud alone, she's not stupid like Cemre, Talaz: what do you want me to do, I won't get involved, Cavidan: I don't know if you understand, but I will give you the money you want, I do not care what you do, Melike arrives to see Reyhan tells him that he is fine but that he cannot stop thinking about Emir who has not slept thinking about it, Melike: I have not noticed, but look I wove you something for the baby, Gülsüm ends the video and inside a locket hides the memory where he recorded it, Emir calls Reyhan to ask how he is, she answers that he is fine and He tells her about the item of clothing and that Melike will draw him a rabbit, Emir: show him if he is with you, I couldn't see him Reyhan: you will see him when you arrive he is not finished yet, when you will come, Emir: Soon you want something, Reyhan: I have been wanting baklava since morning, Emir: from morning, really, in an hour and a half I will be there, with the baklava. They arrive home, Kemal hugs his daughter and tells Sheriye that it is all over, Oya: he made the right decision, separating the father and the daughter is not good for anyone, Narin remembers that Oya tells him that he will testify in favor only if he promises divorce, if not Kemal will lose Masal, you go, they will be sad for a while, but not unhappy for life, Oya: I am waiting for you to tell my brother that you want to get divorced, Reyhan: I wish I did not want dessert, but we love him very much, Emir says, who said that he arrived at the time that he promised and that the dessert is in the kitchen, but stop I have not even been able to see the fabric well, it is beautiful, we are going to the kitchen, Reyhan: how delicious, they look wonderful, Melike: I also have your remedies, since in lunch you did not eat much, Emir: I have to send an urgent corheo, I come back: Reyhan: I do not take it and we eat together in the study room, Emir: it is fine after eating so much sweet your stomach, you will be satisfied, Masal: Narin , look at what I drew, Narin: beautiful, remember Oya's words "you must divorce quickly, Reyhan orders the desk and takes the envelope with the result of the DNA.............the end

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    WYWIAD Z 27.03. Gökberk Demirci/ EMIR TARHUN Ponad wszystko kocha antyki. I widać było gołym okiem, że temat ten był strzałem w dziesiątkę. Wyraźnie się rozluźnił. Tę pasję dziedziczył po dziadku, który prowadził antykwariat. Antyki są formą relaksu. Szczególnie lubi gramofon, który jest dla niego terapią po śmierci zmarłej 16 lipca mamy (wspominał o niej i był wyraźnie wzruszony ) i brata. ( wiem, że ma ulubiony sklep z antykami w Stambule, gdzie często można go spotkać) . Na komplementy reagował bu, bu.... i mówił, że są miłe. Pytano go o ulubione potrawy. Powiedział, że kocha jedzenie i nie szczególnie ulubionej potrawy. Przy okazji zapytali o kuchnię w serialu. Bulgur, który przyrządzał w kuchni nocą dla filmowej żony Reyhan to jej zasługa. Zadziwiony był pytaniem o Kim Kardashian i temat zręcznie ominął. W kwestii kobiet odniósł się tylko do swojej menadżer Seme, którą bardzo ceni. Postać Emira bardzo mu odpowiada (prywatnie jest postacią inną niż bohater: tatuaż, kolczyki). Uczestnik programu opisał go jako człowieka komunikatywnego, pewnego siebie, zrelaksowanego w tym wywiadzie, o czym trudno powiedzieć przy okazji kulinarnego odcinka, gdzie był wyraźnie spięty, nie mógł się odnaleźć i wyglądał jak osoba, którą sprowadzono siłą. Również, jak cały świat, ze smutkiem odniósł się do obecnej sytuacji na świecie. To także bolesny temat dla Turcji. Nawoływał do pozostania w domu i zachowania ostrożności. Ten temat i telefon od trenera zajęły sporo czasu na wizji. Nie dał się namówić na zaśpiewanie piosenki (myślę że to było podejście do fragmentu, który śpiewa z Deniz Durmaz które wzbudziło takie zainteresowanie na jego stronie gokberkdemircimm), ale na czytanie poezji. Tradycyjnie był powściągliwy w pytaniach o Ozge. Próbowali podejść go wspominając spotkanie z nią. Chwalili jej zalety, że jest miła, dobra, uprzejma. Skończyło się na tym, że przekazał pozdrowienia dla niej i jej rodziny. Powiedział, że całuje dłonie jej rodziców (zwyczaj przyjęty w Turcji, u nas ,, kłaniam się nisko”) Pytali o jej rodzeństwo. Powiedział, że ma siostrę i też przekazał jej pozdrowienia. Pytali o często powtarzany gest poprawiania włosów i na którą stronę lubi zaczesywać włosy. Nie wiedział i sprawdzał. Próbowano delikatnie wspomnieć o Sibel Gökçez (był związany i to był bardzo burzliwy i długi związek ) ale jak przy wszystkich niewygodnych pytaniach zręcznie unikał odpowiedzi.

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  • sona vekilova
    sona vekilova2 aylar önce

    Fikir verdiniz--58 dəqiqədə Zəfər qapını açanda qar yağırdı,amma bayırda 20C°ə isti var🙄😳.....🤷‍♀️

  • Sahlat A
    Sahlat A2 aylar önce

    Джавидан передала флаг Ойе чтобы мучат людей. Гульсум и Нарин надо будет подарить утюжок, а то у них нет 🤔

  • Бехзод Мадалиев
    Бехзод Мадалиев2 aylar önce

    Оя уже достала Нарин одну резинку тянет тянет это Оя.

  • Гусейн Галакиев
    Гусейн Галакиев2 aylar önce

    Ax oya ne cirkin sey imissin narini abinden ayirib eline ne kececek

  • Store Vip
    Store Vip2 aylar önce

    Oya özünə ər tapa bilmir Narinlə Kamalı ayırmaq isdiyir allah bəlanı versin Oya Narin ❤❤Kamal inşallah ayrılmazlar

  • Mari Cakir
    Mari Cakir2 aylar önce

    Cok salak senaryo Cavidan paralari harciyor Ogulunun haberi olmuuyor ne sacmaCavidan belasini bulsun

  • Shsh Zbsbs
    Shsh Zbsbs2 aylar önce

    Reyhanda cox zerif aparir ozun hamile olanda yataqda mi yatilir

  • Shsh Zbsbs
    Shsh Zbsbs2 aylar önce

    Bir yaxsi oqlan gelsin diziye oyanin basin qatsin

  • Shsh Zbsbs
    Shsh Zbsbs2 aylar önce

    Oyanin dizide yeri yoxdu

  • Счастья в Исламе
    Счастья в Исламе2 aylar önce

    Как же достали ихние воспоминания 😠 Целых 10 минут у Рейхан были воспоминания