Will Smith & Martin Lawrence Talk ‘Bad Boys’ Trilogy, Growth, Regrets + More


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  • Sun Tzu
    Sun Tzu8 dakika önce

    Charman has to be gay.

    KEE SMITTY21 dakika önce


  • McKeal Lyons
    McKeal Lyons23 dakika önce

    I swear when they get good guests that should have hour long interviews they only be on for like 20-30mins meanwhile we gotta hear all the ignorant idiots like 69 get hour long interviews full of lies

  • Jadea Campbell
    Jadea Campbell33 dakika önce

    Will gay


    ???? 1:39 ?? ? ? ? ?

  • 187edouble
    187edoubleSaatler önce

    I'm just confused of all the dislikes this video has. This interview was awesome..should be like FB with your face next to it..lol

  • Blem Foreal
    Blem ForealSaatler önce

    Every time I think of bad boys the movie I think of martin opening the door to reggie tryna take his daughter out . “Nigga you look 30” 😂😂 who that is? Nigga you know how to fight?

  • Monique West
    Monique WestSaatler önce

    “The character can die...” You go, Will! Much love and respect. Kudos to the wise and under-, but powerfully-stated, Martin. Blessings to both men. I see the growth, authenticity, and beauty in both.

  • Finding Good Times
    Finding Good TimesSaatler önce

    I wanna see the conversation that will had with char





  • Monique
    MoniqueSaatler önce

    Charlamagne has no boundaries! I don't know why people complement this guy? I think the questions he asks sometimes are just disrespectful. I'm surprised Will dapped him up at the end of the interview, that was really mature of him.

  • Carmen Barnes
    Carmen BarnesSaatler önce

    I'm glad will Smith shut Charlemagne simple ass down! will should have ask him bout that 15 yr old girl he took to that party 🤔. I can't wait for a guess to do that

  • Josh Freeman
    Josh Freeman2 saatler önce

    Respect for these two men much success for these two

  • Meika Wash
    Meika Wash2 saatler önce

    I am very disappointed in this interview...it seemed all the questions were geared towards will smith...I barely heard Martin talk...It seemed Charlemagne only had interest in Will Smith...What about Martins tours?

  • Sheldon Johnston
    Sheldon Johnston2 saatler önce

    Martin and Will should make a sitcom together! I bet it’d be funny as well!

  • keisha Lovley
    keisha Lovley3 saatler önce

    The interview was more about Will then Martin..Will love to take over and love to talk..love both of them but I thought it was about Bad Boys the movie 🤷🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️

  • Precious Dee
    Precious Dee4 saatler önce

    Best Interview EVER!!!!

  • jari uronen
    jari uronen4 saatler önce

    Will Smith have a fake laught, if not its hard to say when the laught is real and when fake.. ✌🏼

  • Behold A Lady
    Behold A Lady5 saatler önce


  • sam simth
    sam simth5 saatler önce

    They had 2 🐐 in that room

  • Yick James
    Yick James6 saatler önce

    Will lies to us in this video

  • Rezul Shell

    Rezul Shell

    5 saatler önce

    he definetly lying for attention right here

  • diungy alisnr
    diungy alisnr6 saatler önce

    Fam... Will’s answer about being jealous of Pac with Jada was h e a v y. That’s a tough question from Charlamagne too

  • Uptalk1
    Uptalk16 saatler önce

    Martin seems nervous about himself, like's he's aware of his current mental state. He's not as sharp and quick to speak like he use to be. That stroke slowed him down and I think he's more than aware of that.

  • diungy alisnr

    diungy alisnr

    6 saatler önce


  • D-Triqx
    D-Triqx6 saatler önce

    I see Martin, I start laughing

  • Marchelle Roberson
    Marchelle Roberson6 saatler önce

    Will is dope for voicing his true insecurities towards Pac n Jada!

  • Josh Reid
    Josh Reid7 saatler önce

    Martin talks a little more on the Sway in the morning interview & it’s longer so they actually touch on a lot more than this interview. A lot better. Thank me later 😭

  • Andrea Sadler
    Andrea Sadler8 saatler önce

    DJ Envy hairline is wild lol

  • Ed Zh
    Ed Zh8 saatler önce

    man I love will smith to death but he never should have let charlemagne coax him into answering that tupac question

  • Failure Face
    Failure Face8 saatler önce

    The new movie was good

  • JSJ00710
    JSJ007108 saatler önce

    You know.....

  • Cloud 9
    Cloud 99 saatler önce

    Will Smith starts subtlety schooling Charlemagne at 15:01 👀

  • Re'Al Faraj
    Re'Al Faraj9 saatler önce

    It should definitely be a Bad Boys 4. Three was hilarious. It was a great story line. The end was a little corny, but you could see it going in that direction. At least it didn't end like Game of Thrones.

    GODDESS BRI9 saatler önce

    Martin acting weird cause he’s being forced to interact w a clone

  • Re'Al Faraj
    Re'Al Faraj9 saatler önce

    This nigga Will is talking about him and Charlamayne coming outta the closet. Listen to his word choice.

  • Awful madden plays.
    Awful madden plays.10 saatler önce

    Martin show to me was better than the fresh prince but I enjoyed them both but Martins show was just always , I mean always hilarious.

  • Anthony 707
    Anthony 70710 saatler önce

    Interview AKIL THE MC

  • Terrence Henderson
    Terrence Henderson10 saatler önce

    Who fucked up Envy’s hairline🤔😂

  • Phoenix Cares
    Phoenix Cares10 saatler önce

    Damn Martin serious af !

    B-RIZZLE BIG PIMPIN10 saatler önce

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  • Taryn Williams
    Taryn Williams10 saatler önce

    Will have that rich laugh

  • Ashton Hammond
    Ashton Hammond10 saatler önce

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  • sights1018
    sights101811 saatler önce

    Will Smith and Jamie Foxx are two of my most favorite people in this world. Both are super talented entertainers. Martin is up there too..

  • J. Jordan
    J. Jordan11 saatler önce

    That 2Pac question doe

    MONSTER HOUSE TV11 saatler önce

    Something seems a bit mentally off about Martin im not sure what it is I hope everything is good with him. I can listen to Will Smith talk all day I would love to have a conversation with him

  • Beautiful Beyah
    Beautiful Beyah11 saatler önce

    Most adorable men on the planet

  • I8U2 damn
    I8U2 damn11 saatler önce


    DFN UNIVERSE11 saatler önce

    24:24 AND 27:30 MASTERS OF THE GAME 🖤🖤✅💪🏽👌

  • Jack McKLAINE
    Jack McKLAINE11 saatler önce

    Who the sorry muthafuckas who disliked this?????!!!!!??????

  • LP Flowers
    LP Flowers11 saatler önce

    Lol that was a great interview. I love that Will checked Charlamange early in the interview 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Shemira Swopes
    Shemira Swopes11 saatler önce

    Posted my first vid on my new channel. Subscribe to My Channel Mira Minc! Love! Thanks bunches 💕

  • Erick Salas
    Erick Salas11 saatler önce

    Here cause of Martin An will not a fan of charlamane

  • NooNie Poo
    NooNie Poo12 saatler önce

    Will can definitely be a motivational speaker. I can imagine the conversations in the Smiths house.

  • NooNie Poo
    NooNie Poo12 saatler önce

    All of Bad Boys are my favorite movies definitely a part of my collection. Love the energy that Will brought! That’s what life is about growing. Being happy and at peace with yourself is wuz ⬆️. Materialistic stuff only last so long. Love from the Bay! ❤️

  • Miss Lyn
    Miss Lyn12 saatler önce

    Martin ... super quiet... hes my favorite of the two so i was bored with will the scholar

  • Keevin Mitchell
    Keevin Mitchell12 saatler önce

    Martin really is shy! I can tell in his voice,I’m the same way! That’s crazy lol

  • The Alpha MANifesto
    The Alpha MANifesto12 saatler önce

    This was Great interview it really captures the guest and I like how they keep "Marty Mar" engaged! I will keep following!!

  • Mac 215
    Mac 21512 saatler önce

    Martin just humble 90s Martin was a savage I just feel like martin at peace he ain’t gotta be the loudest in the room no more 💯🙏🏾 ... this is Legendary and they the goats

  • The Enigmatic Richard Zell
    The Enigmatic Richard Zell12 saatler önce

    That absent father episode is the most powerful Fresh Prince episode hands down.

  • drew63215
    drew6321513 saatler önce

    Jerome and DragonFly will always be my favorite Martin episodes...those and the Jodeci episode and the Players Ball episode. Classics!! "I'ma call you Almond Brown...you so Almondy". lol DragonFly: "SiLANCE. I ain't got no money PUUUNK. Had you been practicing yo arts, you'd know yo way in the dark. SiLANCE...SiLANCE". DragonFly: "Nipsy, give everyone a round on me....except for this PUNK'. Jerome: "Go down to Gate #7. You gonna see Macaroni Tony. And don't be lollygagging, sittin down at the concession stand talkin to the Fat man. You just Float....Float. Too cool to be embarrassed."