Rick and Morty - Emotional Ending



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    trlist.info/video/ftmMjtGxxY2ws54&feature=share Song

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    Aylar önce

    Love you

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    2 aylar önce

    Aww thank you

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    @GpD79now you say! One more time your welcome Morty

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    micah sells 😎 me to

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    Slang Star I was able To find this while HIGH! Yes.

  • Brachmanix
    BrachmanixGün önce

    Wait a minute... if there are infinite numbers of realities and in one of them Rick fixed this up, then dies, then why Ricks from realities where cronenbergs are still walking on the streets didn't have the same idea? Why our Rick is the only one who makes this move?

  • Mr. Hollidayy
    Mr. Hollidayy2 gün önce

    New fans won’t understand this kind of depression when we saw this

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    En español porfavor

  • Jim D Motloutsi
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    what a sad ending !!!!!!!!!

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    Easyalina4 gün önce

    what episode?

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    1:53 Me when my mom says you can't go on the computer or tablet or phone.

  • Josef Stalin
    Josef Stalin10 gün önce

    I felt this way when the soviets collapsed

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  • Martín Benavides
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    Morty ¡¿What about the reality we left behind?! Rick: ¿What about the reality where Raku got Married with Tsugumi instead of Kirisaki and Onodera?Morty The answer it's not think about it

  • Duran Aslan
    Duran Aslan12 gün önce

    "The Answer Is Don't Think About it!"

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    Omar Moreno13 gün önce

    Imagen going through yhise

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    Dominiq Mondonedo14 gün önce

    Would u guys do this?

  • AS7Promitus
    AS7Promitus14 gün önce

    2 things happened here, one Morty was truly traumatized and two he realised that life is basically meaning less with infinite realities.

  • Ryan McCarty
    Ryan McCarty15 gün önce

    Why not just throw their dead bodies back through that portal ya know?

  • Ryan McCarty

    Ryan McCarty

    14 gün önce

    @Dhanush C I watched the first three seasons, but I forget what happens.

  • Dhanush C

    Dhanush C

    14 gün önce

    Still in season 1? You will understand in S3e1

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    Meatilicious22 gün önce

    Probably the weirdest episode of Chernobyl I ever saw

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    Name music pleas

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    Anri Of Astora25 gün önce

    Oooone screw turn and twooo screw turns, annddd ...

  • Jack H
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    Bro what the fuc k is this ending

  • Penkov Gorgi
    Penkov Gorgi26 gün önce

    From this to toilet and hitler jokes... shame

  • Dylan Z

    Dylan Z

    24 gün önce

    Penkov Gorgi the show used to be so much better i miss it

  • YouTube Premium User
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    Invented a way to travel dimensions, a technologically advanced spaceship, but has no way to completely dissolve corpses and bodies.

  • Faker13
    Faker1326 gün önce

    Rick left the fridge open, rude

  • Rhaianny foster
    Rhaianny foster27 gün önce

    what is this episode?????

  • Lucas  Rodriguez
    Lucas Rodriguez27 gün önce

    1:07 "What about the reality where Hitler cured cancer" *Season 4* Bist du faschistich?

  • Texas Outdoor Fanatic
    Texas Outdoor Fanatic27 gün önce

    This played with my mind....like, what if this has already happened to me. Maybe it's possible I went into another reality (I would never know) and in the reality I left behind I am missing. It makes me think of all those people who vanish without a trace in our national parks and forests each year. They could have simply went to another reality and in their pov they wouldnt even know, but in our reality they are GONE. Has this happened to me already? Am I a copy? The more you think deeper into it the more it fucks with your mind The best quote of this whole thing was when Rick said "don't think about it "....... because really that's all you can do

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    Meti Game28 gün önce

    Fuvk u thrust straight to my heart

  • wave the wolf
    wave the wolf28 gün önce

    Rick and Morty > South Park

  • Ahsan
    Ahsan29 gün önce

    Damn, this hurts. Life can be a curse.

  • yespacito
    yespacitoAylar önce

    I found this episode’s ending really uncomfortable and i didnt really like how it ended. Prolly just me though

  • Darryl Brooks

    Darryl Brooks

    28 gün önce

    Definitely just you

  • Eszter Antal
    Eszter AntalAylar önce

    rick and morty and bojack horseman are the only tv shows that are hilarious and dark at the same time

  • Owen Morgan
    Owen MorganAylar önce

    Morty - fying

  • Saosin3333
    Saosin3333Aylar önce

    I hate how Rick doesn't at least try to console Morty in any way. Knowing Morty isn't as used to the hard truths of their reality as he is.

  • Robbert Peace

    Robbert Peace

    Aylar önce

    Well no one console the smartest man in the universe (a.k.a Rick) either when he realized how fucked up this universe's existence.

  • Santtu
    SanttuAylar önce

    Why Rick didn't wipe the memory from morty?

  • Santtu


    25 gün önce

    @deqressed dreamz no problem

  • deqressed dreamz

    deqressed dreamz

    25 gün önce

    Santtu thx, but honestly I just got all the information from the comments and just blasted it at you with one comment. But thanks for noticing me

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    @deqressed dreamz this is like the first actual good reply i've EVER gotten on a youtube comment lol Props to you man!

  • deqressed dreamz

    deqressed dreamz

    29 gün önce

    Santtu He wanted to know how harsh reality is, having to bare the burden is probably that makes Morty a really realistic character. If the memory gets wiped there would really be no point. This episode is where the show changes and stands out from the adult cartoons. If Mortys memory got wiped his character development wouldn’t have been so good.

  • Tony Malin
    Tony MalinAylar önce

    I like how in the stinger cronenberg rick and morty replace the two that left voluntarily.

  • JAM 5.0
    JAM 5.0Aylar önce

    I saw this and yesterday i had a dream with this video. *nobody can stop how i felt*

    LEGO JOEYAylar önce

    So sad

  • Matthew Torres
    Matthew TorresAylar önce

    Funny when you realize they had bailed on this reality as well considering they got the squirrels to attack them

  • Da Hylian Able
    Da Hylian AbleAylar önce

    That's disturbing

  • B Dan
    B DanAylar önce

    There would be an infinite number of realities where he fixed things and also died. Not a few.

  • Kratoast God_of_pumpernickel_rye

    Kratoast God_of_pumpernickel_rye

    Aylar önce

    They would still be dificult to find. If the chance is 1 in a billion out of infinity, there is an infinite number but you would have to comb through millions to billiobs to find it.

  • Kermit noiado
    Kermit noiadoAylar önce

    ep and season ?

  • Kermit noiado

    Kermit noiado

    Aylar önce

    @Dante Ruff thank you

  • Dante Ruff

    Dante Ruff

    Aylar önce

    Season: 1 Episode: 6 Title: Rick Potion #9

  • TheSaiyanDude
    TheSaiyanDudeAylar önce

    Morty: *wakes up in the morning and goes to school* Jessica: Hey morty whats wrong Morty: ... 20 years later Morty:* eyes burning*

  • M. W
    M. WAylar önce

    I miss the old Rick and Morty.Not this season 4 bullshit

  • Timothy Ellis
    Timothy EllisAylar önce

    Rick leaving the fridge open was to reiterate why he doesnt seem to care about certain things, because of what hes aware of.

  • Elsa Paz
    Elsa PazAylar önce

    Afetr that is''s weird

  • Joker
    JokerAylar önce

    1:53 me coming home after seeing Joker

  • chaos knight
    chaos knightAylar önce

    This is exactly how depersonalization feels .

  • Niggainthebackground
    NiggainthebackgroundAylar önce

    He should've done a Morty's mind blower

  • Josue Solar
    Josue SolarAylar önce

    *P A R A D O X*

  • Nel Hernandez
    Nel HernandezAylar önce

    Just watched this episode last night and my goodness, it disturbed me hard O_O

  • Infinity Unique
    Infinity UniqueAylar önce

    Morty's just been traumatized for the rest of his life and probably would become as sociopathic as Rick is

  • sultane
    sultaneAylar önce

    Burried rick still have his portal generator....

  • Jevon Toban
    Jevon TobanAylar önce

    So how many times have they died and assumed a dopplergangers identity?? I thought Rick always sorted everything out. clearly not

  • Jevon Toban

    Jevon Toban

    Aylar önce

    @Jawunleashed Yes I remember that episode. I didn't know they moved realities. Thats fucked up lol

  • Jawunleashed


    Aylar önce

    From what's been shown in the episodes so far, our Rick and Morty have hopped twice. #1: Was in this episode. #2: When Morty figured out squirrels rule the world, and they had to move realities.(Morty's Mind Blowers)

  • Jace Floyd
    Jace FloydAylar önce

    0:36 dang

  • loucif brahim
    loucif brahimAylar önce

    It's like breaking bad

  • Work Horse
    Work HorseAylar önce

    Is this why Morty stutters?

  • SeeDMT
    SeeDMTAylar önce

    now pick up your dead self and come on

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    Hallo Kann mir jemand sagen von wem dieser absolut geile Song ist!! Wär echt cool

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    Sascha K.

    Aylar önce

    @M. W alles klar thank you!

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    M. W

    Aylar önce

    Sascha K. Mazzy Star.Ich würd in Zukunft aber auf englisch fragen weil die sonst keiner antworten wird

  • Personal Account
    Personal AccountAylar önce

    I never understood why they say they only have 3 or 4 of these tops when they also say that there’s an infinite amount of timelines

  • Serg Kent Harlee

    Serg Kent Harlee

    Aylar önce

    Because of the central finite curve

  • Nigrum Et Spes

    Nigrum Et Spes

    Aylar önce

    Because the chances are getting slimmer and slimmer as time goes on and other infinite branches of reality get created with every choice people make. It's called process of elimination, if you think about it

  • Mr Avocado7
    Mr Avocado7Aylar önce

    “Everyday I have breakfast 20 yards away from my buried corpse”