Rick and Morty Season 4 Episode 5 Trailer - Season 5 Teaser Breakdown


Rick and Morty Season 4 Episode 5 Trailer. Rick and Morty Season 5 Teaser Explained. Easter Eggs, Season 4 Episode 5 Opening Scene and Episode 6 - 10 ► bit.ly/AwesomeSubscribe
Rick and Morty Season 4 Episode 4 ► trlist.info/video/Z8pvba2traKC4J4
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Covering new Rick and Morty Season 4 Episode 5 Trailer. Rick and Morty vs Space Snakes Jokes and Easter Eggs. Season 4 Episode 5 Opening Scene. And Rick and Morty Season 5 Teaser from Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon.
The Second half of Rick and Morty Season 4 Episode 6 through Episode 10 will air early next year. I'll do more bonus videos after the Mid Season Finale and as they give us more details!
The Mandalorian Episode 6 video posting soon too!
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  • Emergency Awesome
    Emergency AwesomeAylar önce

    Here's my Rick and Morty Season 4 Episode 5 Trailer and more Season 5 news. Here's my Rick and Morty Season 4 Episode 4 video too! trlist.info/video/Z8pvba2traKC4J4

  • beachtan


    Aylar önce

    Did china put a dragon in Rick and Morty Probably yesss I m bit suspicious that china put dragon in Rick and Morty to show their dominance in USA show business

  • Sailor MoonStone

    Sailor MoonStone

    Aylar önce

    Evil Morty is C137’s original Morty. That’s why rick is such a terrible person. He probably got bored in that dimension or messed it up and abandoned that Morty making him seek revenge.

  • BoB O

    BoB O

    Aylar önce

    Beth is Evil Morty's real mother. I say rick drove all of them to evil and they plot to take him down. rick goes dimension to dimension using up all the families but the original family is the evil family and Evil Beth will be revealed in the finally alongside Evil Morty.

  • mr.JDaniels


    Aylar önce

    Wheres the new watchmen episode?

  • Marlon Jackson

    Marlon Jackson

    Aylar önce

    Emergency Awesome the snake is what causes him to become evil morty

  • Mohammad Masoom
    Mohammad Masoom22 gün önce

    how old are you? yes you , just want to know what age of people watch this period

  • Loutzenheiser
    Loutzenheiser23 gün önce

    This episode was awesome!

  • MustangblueNYC
    MustangblueNYC26 gün önce

    The 80's Punk Rock Snake with a chainsaw is a reference to the arcade game Time Killers, the character is named, Rancid. A streetwise punk from New Chicago who carries a chainsaw. His forehead is marked with an X-shaped scar. It is possible his backstory was somewhat inspired from Charles Manson, who had carved a swastika into his forehead. So that was the perfect snake character to go back in time to try to kill Snake Hitler...

  • Pers Van Kragg
    Pers Van KraggAylar önce

    Wicked Jerry (hush yer mout)

  • Chris P Bacon
    Chris P BaconAylar önce

    So when is the episode coming to pornhub?

  • prying eyes
    prying eyesAylar önce

    It's "got bitten," not "got bit." I know this seems like I'm nitpicking here, but most people don't read books and articles by educated people any longer and learn the English language passively through watching videos and reading tweets by people, who, well,....aren't. It's really destroying the language.

  • panther105
    panther105Aylar önce

    Can't stand listening to creators yak it up about their shows.....stfu and produce the damn shows

  • Steve The Dragon
    Steve The DragonAylar önce

    I didn't even realize there was a dragon hysteria.

  • B M

    B M

    Aylar önce

    Game of Thrones....thus the joke about it taking three years...

  • Trevor Topcik
    Trevor TopcikAylar önce

    Glad that dude won the give a way that comment was 👌

  • Mordecai 38
    Mordecai 38Aylar önce


  • Jack Jill
    Jack JillAylar önce

    I am 90% sure that there will be 5 more episodes in a few months to complete season 4. Evidence: 1. Mr. Poopybutthole wasn't in the end credits like he always is, which signifies the end of the season 2. Every season before has had 10 episodes 3. In a video clip, Dan Harmon says that there will be 5 more episodes later. 4. With season 3 being meant to have 14 episodes, they must have had extra episodes already completed. They couldn't fail on 14 episodes, and then only have 5 in 2 years. 5. They have a bigger budget & writing staff, making it easier to episodes to come out. There is no way that this is the season finale.

  • Jan Daniel Alcantara
    Jan Daniel AlcantaraAylar önce

    My theory is beth owns the pants

  • Kevin Zhao
    Kevin ZhaoAylar önce

    meanwhile in another dimension, Morty: "Oh!! a snake bit my penis, Rick".

  • max wortel
    max wortelAylar önce

    Dan Harmon Looks Kinda sad. Hoop He's doing alright.

  • StormtrooperC-000
    StormtrooperC-000Aylar önce

    That moment where Rick gets a flat tire in space reminded me of that one episode of Clone Wars where a droid piloting a space ship said they ran into drag and the super tactical droid said: "You were experiencing drag... *in the vacuum of space?* "

  • Kid From 21 Jump Street
    Kid From 21 Jump StreetAylar önce

    S/o Chief Keef ayyy!

  • Kid From 21 Jump Street
    Kid From 21 Jump StreetAylar önce

    Again fake isn't the right word. Harmon/Roiland confirmed intro scenes are canon. Edit: maybe not main timeline C137. But overall canon.

  • Mike Da Silva
    Mike Da SilvaAylar önce

    It's going to be about Pheonix person.

  • Artemis Jones
    Artemis JonesAylar önce

    "We must began a 10 slut soul orgy..." 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Kenya Small
    Kenya SmallAylar önce

    How the hell did a space snake bite home through a glass helmet 🥴

  • Alexandre Charest
    Alexandre CharestAylar önce

    There also tina and phenix person we didnt seen

  • Th3KIKO
    Th3KIKOAylar önce

    The cat is connected to Evil Morty ;) even rick mentioned it in episode 4, that it's connected to series finale

  • Dsi1ver
    Dsi1verAylar önce

    Dan Harmon is Jerry!

  • Brian Horton
    Brian HortonAylar önce

    Season 4 phoned in bad stories total crap

  • Arcsecant
    ArcsecantAylar önce

    Rick tells me to do something, I damn well do it.

  • Pancio KaSlaanesh
    Pancio KaSlaaneshAylar önce

    :| Sci-fi = Science fiction, fiction = magic.

  • Kaylen Wheeler
    Kaylen WheelerAylar önce

    At least it's not the snake from the bush dimension.

  • Just Nobody
    Just NobodyAylar önce

    I like the cat plot better than the dragon one

  • Callie Collins
    Callie CollinsAylar önce

    Evil morty is original morty... but original rick was the rick in the trench coat at the end of the citadel episode. Evil morty and Spy rick are really in an elaborate scheme to take over the citadel and the rest of the universe... or just to destroy the citadel again in the most ludicrous way possible lol

  • Anonymous User
    Anonymous UserAylar önce

    I always think the whole dragon episode was base off a dragon dildo

  • Vmac
    VmacAylar önce


  • Ahmed Alhashimi
    Ahmed AlhashimiAylar önce

    Is anyone else upset cause Oliver from Oliver and company only talked to animals not humans??

  • Jay Vigo
    Jay VigoAylar önce

    Beth's a clone.....and the real Beth is "finding herself"

  • Daniel smith
    Daniel smithAylar önce

    Jeff Loveness or Jake Gyllenhaal?

  • beachtan
    beachtanAylar önce

    I m bit suspicious that china put dragon in Rick and Morty to show their dominance in USA show business

  • Jordan Ferguson
    Jordan FergusonAylar önce

    My evil Morty theory *This season we follow evil Morty’s origin story. Morty seems to be more ambitious and demanding. Rick is hellbent in destroying Morty’s dreams.

  • Forever Jim
    Forever JimAylar önce

    These new episodes kind of suck. It's just 2 many new writers, all trying to add their own spin. Maybe season 8 or 9 will be fun to watch again.

  • khasratulla sam
    khasratulla samAylar önce

    Imagine rick and morty go inside the Meeseks BOX!

  • Bill Casey
    Bill CaseyAylar önce

    Theory 5:45 is the end of Rattlestar Ricklactica, and is the horrible future the terminator snakes are trying to prevent. Plot twist, the snakes trying to kill Morty are the good guys...

  • sIyceth
    sIycethAylar önce

    Oh no this is starting to look an uncohesive crapshit season

  • Dan
    DanAylar önce

    Fu**ing autoplay!! why spoil even seconds if i waited fu**ing years? somehow i feel like a little emotional about the topic. ps: the only rick that would watch rick and morty is tall morty.

  • That Guy Again
    That Guy AgainAylar önce

    "Literally everything is in space"! I mean, he may be drunk, but that's pretty true . . .

  • Jędrzej
    JędrzejAylar önce

    Bushland adventure reference?

  • Kevin183
    Kevin183Aylar önce

    What if evil morty is the morty in morty from the original morty morty. My goal was to confuse you, did I do it?

  • Russ Hurst
    Russ HurstAylar önce

    10 slut soul orgy is where it's at... I guess...

  • El Pastor
    El PastorAylar önce

    I want a space snake . Space Force get on it

  • Anti-HyperLink
    Anti-HyperLinkAylar önce

    I bet Han Solo HATES space snakes!

  • Jules Phoenix
    Jules PhoenixAylar önce

    "Thereis literally EVERYTHING in space, Morty!!!" 💀💀💀 Rick with those damn facts for the win!!! I f**king love this show.

  • yosef saqer
    yosef saqerAylar önce

    You guys need to get a life, how in the hell do you breakdown a 30 second trailer into a 10 minute video and in the end nothing from the stuff you predict will ever happen

  • Connoisseur Of Cars & Tig Ol Bitties
    Connoisseur Of Cars & Tig Ol BittiesAylar önce

    Didn’t Beth die with ricks wife? I’m sure she’s a clone

  • jdj active
    jdj activeAylar önce

    I am 600 comment just because

  • Ninten Joe
    Ninten JoeAylar önce

    I love the fact that it seems that the snake broke its own space helmet biting Morty.

  • james mullen
    james mullenAylar önce

    the scientist formally known as rick. is evil morty.

  • Ben Pierce
    Ben PierceAylar önce

    Evil Morty has cybernetic upgrades, much like Rick, a version of Morty became Rickless, grew a massive pair of balls got upgrades, pretended to want equality between Ricks and Mortys to gain absolute power of his reality and soon others.

  • The Edwin Manna Filez
    The Edwin Manna FilezAylar önce

    Season 4 about to be horrible

  • VandyFan 615
    VandyFan 615Aylar önce

    Evil morty is going to try and recruit Rick into the citadel

  • Anthony Lesley
    Anthony LesleyAylar önce

    There are already Funko pop figures with space Rick and morty and the space snake

  • Flaming Dragon
    Flaming DragonAylar önce

    Dragon episode was quite lame The only one good in this season is the first one...

  • Razz Bender
    Razz BenderAylar önce

    Video ends at 1:46 Downvote and shut off at that point.