Rick and Morty Season 4 Episode 1 - TOP 10 WTF and Easter Eggs


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Covering new Rick and Morty Season 4 Episode 1. All Easter Eggs, Wasp Rick, Akira Morty, Shrimp Rick, Meeseeks Return. Fourth Wall Breaks, Rick Sanchez alternate versions. Morty and Jessica. And Season 4 Episode 1 Post Credit Scene. There were a ton of Easter Eggs and References.
My Rick and Morty Season 4 Episode 2 Trailer video will post tomorrow. I'll be doing videos for all the episodes this season just like Rick and Morty Season 3!

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  • Emergency Awesome
    Emergency Awesome2 aylar önce

    Here's my full Rick and Morty Season 4 Episode 1 video with all the Easter Eggs. Let me know how many you spotted! My Season 4 Episode 2 Trailer video will post tomorrow! Here's another new Season 4 Trailer with more new scenes! trlist.info/video/i8hmm5Oavm2ctog

  • Philippe H.

    Philippe H.

    2 aylar önce

    @Darren Dunner doctor who : Harmon seems to be a fan, or of doing satyres of Who like Inspector Spacetime he made Troy & Abed play as

  • Darren Dunner

    Darren Dunner

    2 aylar önce

    There are 2 things that came to mind from the episode. When Rick returns in multiple dimensions it is similar to Battle Star Galactica when the Cylon would die and would be uploaded into a robot version of themselves keeping the memories. The second is the time crystal is from Star Trek Discovery but on steroids.

  • Philippe H.

    Philippe H.

    2 aylar önce

    I wonder if the logo of fascist Rick's flag is either an anti-Communist joke rolled into the totalitarian uchronic dystopia... or if he simply was referencing the HENRY FORD side of fascist USA before WWII. The american who tried to set up fascism in the USA was Henry Ford. Never forget.

  • Gwen Giddings

    Gwen Giddings

    2 aylar önce

    that was a 13 reasons why easter egg at 5:15. but i guest I am the only person who watch 13 reasons why season 3

  • John Belino
    John Belino17 gün önce

    The black ferrofluid kinda reminded me of the scene in the movie "Lucy" where she builds a supercomputer... Cause it started in the arm... but i dunno

  • David Sologaistoa jr
    David Sologaistoa jr20 gün önce

    That Boglin reference was amazing

  • Homero Negaraku
    Homero Negaraku22 gün önce

    season 4 only 5 eps... are they getting lazy ?

    SOULFORĖSAKER22 gün önce

    The creator of the show actually thinks half the country are Nazi's. Look it up.

  • Nomad Blue
    Nomad Blue22 gün önce


  • rafid sadman
    rafid sadman22 gün önce

    This is the kind of video you need to come and watch even after watching a rick and Morty episode very thoroughly just to realize there were so many details you missed M I N D B L O W N. LOVE IT.

  • Zoster
    Zoster27 gün önce

    the ricks in glass domes is an alien resurrection reference

  • Haylee Jones
    Haylee Jones27 gün önce

    I ain’t swallowing no centipede

  • Stretch Dongson
    Stretch DongsonAylar önce

    Holy shit.....Boglers....... If the whole Mulan Szechuan sauce going for 14 grand actually happened .... I STILL HAVE BOTH MY BOGLERS!!!!! And their cages......

  • Stretch Dongson
    Stretch DongsonAylar önce

    No Squanchy..............Nooooooo don't squanch Rick Squanchy it's not squanch, you squanchy squanch........ Should that be squanch.....?

  • killame murasame
    killame murasameAylar önce

    Is this a cartoon ¤~¤) .....

  • Kinetic Stishi
    Kinetic StishiAylar önce

    I hadn't watched rick and morty until tjis month So I watched them all until sn4 ep2 And I won't stop

  • 6969 subs with 6 shit videos
    6969 subs with 6 shit videosAylar önce

    only thing i know is there are stranger things hidden in season 4 ;)

  • Reed Hanigan
    Reed HaniganAylar önce

    The chainsaw gun that will be later in the season 12:04 is there on the wall in your snapshot from the middle of the episode.

  • Trần Hưng
    Trần HưngAylar önce

    the movie is based on light novel which spawn the manga charlie

  • Basil Jabri
    Basil JabriAylar önce

    Where. To watch rick and Morty s4

  • The Zookster
    The ZooksterAylar önce

    pretty sure geese existed before untitled goose game

  • juji chop
    juji chopAylar önce

    The last two episodes were difficult to sit through. WTF has happened?

  • TheSPAZ clan
    TheSPAZ clanAylar önce

    One of the bully’s, was the bully of recess

  • BitRayal
    BitRayalAylar önce

    But i live in sweden... oof

  • maggotlimbo
    maggotlimboAylar önce

    Did they not have Boglins where you lived as a kid? It's a fuckin toy.

  • Le0n
    Le0nAylar önce

    I am still pissed that it's not out on Netflix yet SMH

  • Kirk Toland
    Kirk TolandAylar önce

    The reason why Rick keeps responding into fascist realities was a reference to when Morty started a fascist society of ricks in season 3

  • M.C.Martin Official Channel
    M.C.Martin Official ChannelAylar önce

    Turning down Naked Jessica was a “progressive” message, I feel, to help ordinary nerds just move on and forget about the popular girls they like, and live there life, as the farther Morty got from Jessica, the more likely he was to die with her. I agree with this message as you could really learn from it

  • M.C.Martin Official Channel
    M.C.Martin Official ChannelAylar önce

    The fact they killed Rick so early in the season, made me go “oh shit!” Then I realized he wasn’t wearing a seatbelt 😂

  • Ashes Of Extinction
    Ashes Of ExtinctionAylar önce

    So rick has an issue with Hitler and nazis, yet made a hitler Lincoln clone?

  • FleshlightPro
    FleshlightProAylar önce

    Where can i watch this?

  • Loutzenheiser
    LoutzenheiserAylar önce

    Ep 1 was awesome!

  • Inger Rogers
    Inger RogersAylar önce

    I love watching the Rick & Morty adventures, but there's something missing; can't quite put my finger on it, but I will!

  • WelcometoVideoCity
    WelcometoVideoCityAylar önce

    Emergency Awesome shows his age. Doesn't know what a Boglin is.

  • ThatGreenOne
    ThatGreenOneAylar önce

    ”What cover me in Gasoline and Spiders? Fine!” *wheezes*

  • Moitashi Graone
    Moitashi GraoneAylar önce

    the only Akira I know is Asa

  • xadirius
    xadiriusAylar önce

    One of Morty's deaths was Sarah Connor's nightmare in Terminator 2.

  • FreakShow
    FreakShowAylar önce

    You know there was someone that waited for season 4 like you and me but somehow died and now he will never see the newest season

  • locastmincer
    locastmincerAylar önce

    WTF is "Ahn-ee-may"? It's An-ee-may, ANIME!!!!

  • Golden bee Gaming
    Golden bee GamingAylar önce

    My fav is kurtland meekes

  • Golden bee Gaming
    Golden bee GamingAylar önce

    I will watch all episodes of season 4 on Netflix when it comes out which is December 22

  • Rusty R3volva
    Rusty R3volvaAylar önce

    I thought Kirkland stuff was a Costco brand (we don't have Walmart in Australia).

  • jonloffie
    jonloffieAylar önce

    Hey hey ho ho not cloning your grandpa has got to go... a similar phrase is on MR Show with Bob and David so this could be a tribute as David Cross played a character in season 1

  • MKF30
    MKF30Aylar önce

    Never seen this show but looks like a twisted version of Doc brown and Marty mcfly with tons of references South Park style lol.

  • Large Marge
    Large MargeAylar önce


  • corrypoynor
    corrypoynorAylar önce

    Isn't there also a character/bully from the the cartoon Recess? I think his name is Gelman! He's literally in this episode?!?!?!?

  • dabong420
    dabong420Aylar önce

    that boggler thing is in old episodes aswell

  • Phlem
    PhlemAylar önce

    I highly doubt that we are constantly watching Rick c-137.

  • SarahAndSomeGuy
    SarahAndSomeGuyAylar önce

    id really really like to know Summers EXACT WORDS at the end there, i heard 'you guys can get married and suck each other off... then something something. someone please post her exact word here, please

  • Chad Crim
    Chad CrimAylar önce

    I see Mr. Goldenfold is following through on his vow to give Morty an A in math no matter what.

  • Darren2016N
    Darren2016NAylar önce

    4:15 Or it could be because he wouldn’t be able to come back to the house if Morty was dead because of the shift in power.

  • Gabriel Ponder

    Gabriel Ponder

    Aylar önce

    Also, Morty can’t come back to life when Rick can.

  • siillentkiiller
    siillentkiiller2 aylar önce

    Easter egg- Conkers Bad Fur day: Nazi Teddy Bears Am I the only one who thought that?

  • Wels
    Wels2 aylar önce

    This episode is sure as shit also a theorie about palpatine coming back in the rise of skywalker.

  • Gracefulcubix Z
    Gracefulcubix Z2 aylar önce

    Wait... so any rick who gets killed is revived by project Phoenix.... The council is alive!!!!!

  • Diego Noriega
    Diego Noriega2 aylar önce

    This is like doc n Marty from back in the future u guys notice??? Anyone

  • Drago Grossberg
    Drago Grossberg2 aylar önce

    Kirkland Isn't a store, it's the generic Costco brand.

  • Juan Nova
    Juan Nova2 aylar önce

    The truth who created Rick and morty must be a big idiot because the truth is a crap show that scum be cancelled

  • Z Designs
    Z Designs2 aylar önce

    You overlooked the cumming penis on the chalkboard when you are talking about the 1ass + 1ass = 2asses right under the word space

  • Carol a melhor gacha tuber ever
    Carol a melhor gacha tuber ever2 aylar önce

    I m kids 😒😒😒 i m dont like Rick and Morty,😠😠

  • Carina Senchea
    Carina Senchea2 aylar önce

    Where can i watch season 4? Help

  • Stuart Nelson
    Stuart Nelson2 aylar önce

    One of the post credits banners (?) shows the guy in bed with with a woman. In series 1 & 2 he was watching TV with a woman I think and in 3 he was alone or sleeping on a couch with the dog or something because he'd got divorced? Does this new one mean they're back together or he's got a new bird??? 😁

  • AGuyWithAStolenName
    AGuyWithAStolenName2 aylar önce

    where do i watch season 4 at? and no i cant watch it on the adultswim website i dont live in america

  • Dante Frog
    Dante Frog2 aylar önce

    I new the goose part was untitle goose game