PS5 Release Date, New Controller & Hardware Details Surface


Sony has revealed new official details about PlayStation 5, much to our surprise. Let's break it down!
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  • LA BoutaBagDoe
    LA BoutaBagDoe5 saatler önce

    I’ll just Sticc with my PS4 😭🤷🏾‍♂️

  • Expert Gaming
    Expert Gaming5 saatler önce

    Omg now maybe i can get a ps4

  • Cartell TV
    Cartell TV6 saatler önce

    It Vibes mmmm

  • Austin Gagnon
    Austin Gagnon6 saatler önce

    Yay now my broke ass can afford a PS4 lol thank u Sony.🤣

  • MyKonaRC
    MyKonaRC6 saatler önce

    Can't wait for PS+ PS5 free games for December 2020!

  • Adofo
    Adofo6 saatler önce

    Something sony has definitely been behind on is user interface! Xbox has really nailed it for years! And with the Switch, even Nintendo are doing well in that department! While the PS Store has always been...clunky. Hopefully it’s made a lot better!

  • Playouts
    Playouts6 saatler önce

    Save up a little extra and around that time your ready to buy the new PlayStation.. *buy a pc peasants*

  • Frantic
    Frantic6 saatler önce

    I hope its jak and daxter

  • Nykka
    Nykka6 saatler önce

    I'm buying a pc because the whole time ps4 was out my console had problems 3 times and went through 4 controllers. Im just going to buy a pc it will be cheaper in the long run.

  • Nova_TGN
    Nova_TGN6 saatler önce

    Me: Ma! Can I borrow 1000 dollars Mom:Why Me: I want a ps5 Mom: get out. Get out of this house Me: 😶 Mom: I SAID NOW! *Punches a hole in the walll*

  • Its Sara
    Its Sara6 saatler önce

    I'll buy it the second it releases

  • Time To Play Daniel Ay
    Time To Play Daniel Ay6 saatler önce

    GTA VI

  • Yup_ its_Me
    Yup_ its_Me6 saatler önce

    5:30 it made meh cry

  • Hamit Manooj
    Hamit Manooj6 saatler önce

    PS 5 COMING OUT, maybe now I can afford a ps4.

  • Nick White
    Nick White6 saatler önce

    Can we get a petition for a next gen blitz the league or?

  • daniel zuver
    daniel zuver6 saatler önce


  • Brian
    Brian6 saatler önce

    But will we finally get 60fps?

  • Kato King
    Kato King7 saatler önce

    the next playstation controller has touch, rumble, smell and taste

  • Kurome Kun
    Kurome Kun7 saatler önce

    Looks like I can finally get rid of my ps2 and get a ps3 instead.

    LIFEBEINGBEST ,7 saatler önce

    I just don't want to download games, when using CD.

  • Blaz3r Speed
    Blaz3r Speed7 saatler önce

    Ima can’t wait for wwe on it

  • D•Y•N•N•E•Y•
    D•Y•N•N•E•Y•7 saatler önce

    This ps5 best be running 144 fps put a gtx 1080 in that bitch

  • Olivier Massarelli
    Olivier Massarelli7 saatler önce

    Yes i agree, make so many ads about about buying ps4, then show u have to buy a new one in not even a year

  • Redant23
    Redant237 saatler önce

    Wait till 2nd release it will probably be waaaaay better

  • Looney Toonz
    Looney Toonz7 saatler önce

    It's going to have more than 500 GB .I hope... because my PS4 doesn't have enough memory!!!!💣💥💥💥👎👍

  • joshuamain 530
    joshuamain 5307 saatler önce

    Don’t buy the ps5 right away wait like 2years or a year when it comes out so Sony can fix everything that needs to be fixed Bc we all know once it comes out there’s problems so just be patient and wait

  • joshuamain 530
    joshuamain 5308 saatler önce

    Gta 6

  • Scott K
    Scott K8 saatler önce

    Sony did not invent the ssd storage drive> you can put one in the PS4. I have 2 of them in my pc and one in my PS4. This is not groundbreaking stuff.

  • MeanManMenio
    MeanManMenio8 saatler önce

    Tbh I turn off vibrate on all my games for my controller to expand battery life lol

  • DasDapperPineappel
    DasDapperPineappel8 saatler önce

    When I was younger my Dad asked which console I wanted and I said I wanted an Xbox 360 because I thought since it had bigger numbers it was the newer model


    why when i look at every post coment has meme?

  • Jcloud15
    Jcloud158 saatler önce

    My dad: “we will get the ps5 1 year after launch me: aw ok... my head: that’s normal.

  • Thomas M
    Thomas M8 saatler önce

    Will the new controller finally have pedals at the bottom?

  • Chris s
    Chris s8 saatler önce

    If the control is heavier that means the price just went up

  • bestamerica
    bestamerica8 saatler önce

    ' what country made this PS5... can work all 4 used PS / PS2 / PS3 / PS4 disc playing with PS5

  • Ride The Lightning
    Ride The Lightning8 saatler önce

    I used to have a ps4 for a bit til it got fucked up, and now I wanna buy one again but now I'm debating with either the ps4 or ps5

  • Vens Woods
    Vens Woods8 saatler önce

    I smell a push back year

  • Jeremy Heeffer
    Jeremy Heeffer9 saatler önce

    Sooo ps4 games wil run on ps5?

  • Shukri Egal
    Shukri Egal9 saatler önce

    Thank goodness, now I can afford the PS4 and fifa 19 lmao

  • Brock Cox
    Brock Cox9 saatler önce

    Thank you

  • Mark Panganiban
    Mark Panganiban9 saatler önce

    Putang Ina sa lahat ng mga Pinoy na Bobo at tamad dito!! Pakamatay na Kayo mga Bobo!!!

  • D Curiel
    D Curiel9 saatler önce

    Please remaster Need for speed UnderGround 2 already!!

  • nickh424
    nickh4249 saatler önce

    yay!! i get to cash in my 401k for the PS5.

  • Eric Rodden
    Eric Rodden9 saatler önce

    New jak and daxter game needs to be continued and sly cooper 5 needs to be on as well since you know ps5 sly5... You do the math

  • ash uchiha
    ash uchiha10 saatler önce

    Wish it was the ps2 god of war remake ps5 graphics

  • David Hunt
    David Hunt10 saatler önce

    Hopefully the PS5 does not have that stupid update file crash, where you have to reboot your playstation to fix it.

  • ferdi ferdian
    ferdi ferdian10 saatler önce

    RIP my PS4 ;(

  • PK Cazadores
    PK Cazadores10 saatler önce

    Vibration in games is useless. It just burns up the battery faster, most people turn it off first thing. I wonder how many millions of dollars were spent on it? lol Remember the jump to Atari, then to Nintendo, and then up to the PS2? Those jumps were insane. Now consoles are getting pretty tedious. More polish on the turd that is modern consoles. lol

  • CronicTono
    CronicTono10 saatler önce

    Like for ps4

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    You can save 15 % or more on car insurance10 saatler önce

    It looks like a old dvd player for 3.99 at goodwill

  • 16.0 HARRIS
    16.0 HARRIS11 saatler önce

    Here I am still chilling with my PS3.

  • Zrvkzz
    Zrvkzz11 saatler önce

    the design looks like a high tech toilet

  • tony chapman
    tony chapman11 saatler önce

    yeah but how backwards compatible?

  • pmanlicious
    pmanlicious11 saatler önce

    Please make slimmer and simple design. I hate bulky design like ps4 and xbox. Its super ugly

  • mark hughes
    mark hughes11 saatler önce

    I’m sure it won’t be no better than the pro

    MONKIE -CENTURIE11 saatler önce

    Y’all getting it? I don’t think I will

  • Aaron Elizondo
    Aaron Elizondo11 saatler önce

    What’s better the stadia or the PlayStation 5

  • SCP 096
    SCP 09611 saatler önce

    I'm gonna start saving up now

  • Minecraft Gardevoir
    Minecraft Gardevoir11 saatler önce

    Hi I'm a Minecrafter

  • T Bone
    T Bone11 saatler önce

    Legacy of Kain HD collection, finally Bluepoint is makin' it happen!!!