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Enjoy this extended clip of Justin Roiland struggling to keep it together.
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Pickle Rick Outtakes | Rick and Morty | Adult Swim


  • Spaghet God
    Spaghet God3 gün önce

    When you realise you watched 3 minutes and 30 seconds of a pickle laughing and repeating lines.

  • Rufoussnake9766
    Rufoussnake97664 gün önce

    I mean, this is funny. But I prefer potato Glados.

  • rayo nex
    rayo nex5 gün önce


  • Don't Fart Bro
    Don't Fart Bro7 gün önce

    This is just Pickle Justin laughing for three straight minutes

  • Skready Tez
    Skready Tez8 gün önce

    This is why it takes so long to make a season takes like these

  • Q R
    Q R8 gün önce

    I just got the t shirt

  • Jaelynn G.
    Jaelynn G.9 gün önce

    His laugh is so cute

  • MrCaptainmorgan420
    MrCaptainmorgan42010 gün önce

    I just watched an animated pickle for 3 minutes. This is why my parents are disappointed in me lol

  • StrangeHappenings
    StrangeHappenings12 gün önce

    The first take was probably the best before he ruined it

  • YOANELY The best ninja UWU
    YOANELY The best ninja UWU13 gün önce


  • Itay Shney Dor
    Itay Shney Dor13 gün önce

    I wanna see Morty's reaction this whole 3 minutes

  • Darntay Nukz
    Darntay Nukz16 gün önce

    This is how many times he said “ok” ⬇️

  • Sniper Pheanom
    Sniper Pheanom17 gün önce

    This is the first time I’m watching pickle rick and I love it but tiny rick is better👑

  • Ali Mohebali
    Ali Mohebali18 gün önce

    Is the actor and animation connected through a motion capture process ? Or animators did this extra based on the voice , to have a clip like this ??

  • Dan Wacker
    Dan Wacker18 gün önce

    Never thought I'd hear somebody laugh at their own jokes more than Jimmy Fallon

  • DuskNoble
    DuskNoble18 gün önce

    "He's misled him before...and he's doing it again."

  • norfskate
    norfskate19 gün önce

    I wish I was intelligent enough to understand this 😒

  • Nick Rog
    Nick Rog21 gün önce

    Of course the cucumbers don’t want wine vinegar. But after all, it’s the larders of the country who determine the pickling, and it’s always a simple matter to drag the other vegetables along whether it’s a salmoncracy, a fava bean dill pickleship, or a potatoement, or a communal dumplingship. Vinegar or no Vinegar, the pickles can always be brought to the bidding of the larders. That is easy. All you have to do is tell them they are being left to dry in the sun, and denounce the food preparation staff for lack of vegan patriotism, and exposing the Cucumis sativus to greater sun-rays.” - German Hoering at the Food Tasting trials

  • Joshua Lebrun
    Joshua Lebrun21 gün önce

    Thank God they animated this stuff

  • Friendly neighborhood gremlin
    Friendly neighborhood gremlin24 gün önce

    uh it’s okay Beth, I’m not offended. I understand mortys’ suspicion, I’ve misled him before. Morty, turn me so we’re making eye contaHeha hahaHa *inhale* ok *ehem* .. uh.. eh-eh it’s ok Beth, I’m not offended. I understand mortys’ suspicion haHahah HAHaha oh Hahaha HAa the fucking moment- is so fucking good ohh hold on- ok *ehem* oh my god ehHahaHAHa Hahaha woo ok hehahaheheh oh ok *ehem* ok no- Beth, it’s ok uhhI’m not offended. I understand mortys suspicion. I’ve misled him before. Morty, turn me so we’re making eye contact....haHaHaHaHah ehahahahHAaa one more time...It-it’s ok Beth. I’m not offended. I understand Mortys suspicion....haHahahaha Hahahahahaha hahahahHAA ohohahhaHa ohhh ok. Hahahohohaha oh I just- the fact that he-he’s misled him before ohAhh.. ahh and he’s doing it again...so fucking great *sniffs* *ehem* no-it-it’s ok Beth. I understand mortys suspicion. I’ve misled him before. Morty, turn me so we’re making uhaHahahHahahHAHaI can’t I can’t fucking.. ohh. AhaHahHaHAAa *inhale* oh my god.. haha Fucking Christ..hahah hehe it’s that fucking “turn me so we’re making eye contact” line ok *ehem*.. *sniffs* alright.. ah.. hehahahaha oh ok Morty turn me so we’re making eye contact. Hahahaa *ehem* No- it’s ok Beth. I’m not offended. I understand mortys suspicion. I’ve misled him before. Morty, turn me so we’re making eye contact. HuhhahaHahahaha this next ones gonna be hard too. Hahahhah to get through hahah ohhuhmy god haah its hahaha ok *ehem* Morty- Hahaahahaha hahahaHaHaHAaa ok *ehem* HaHa ohh- alright FUCK ok *ehem* hmm Morty- hahaHahah HAhaha FUCK ok. *ehem* no more *sniffs* alright Morty I assure you, I would never find a way to get out of family therapy. What you think about that? I turned myself into a PICKLLLE

  • Emoji The yellow guy
    Emoji The yellow guy26 gün önce

    Whats wrong with that pickle

  • Tintin Khrutwichit
    Tintin Khrutwichit26 gün önce

    Watched all The seseon and...and wow, it was fucking good but so damn long you know.... Hahhha... Hehe... Fucking love you rick, shot out to pickle rick 😪✊

  • Himminy Hamana
    Himminy Hamana27 gün önce

    I cant

  • Luis Ruiz
    Luis Ruiz27 gün önce

    I what the fuck rick

  • Данил Шишов
    Данил Шишов28 gün önce

    worst joke in Rick&Morty-_-

  • Mariah Stewart
    Mariah Stewart28 gün önce

    (LOL) that is hilarious 😂

  • Anthony Clanton
    Anthony Clanton28 gün önce

    Stop laughing stop laughing

  • • Pickles •
    • Pickles •28 gün önce

    Just wasted 3 first minutes of 2020 watching a laughing pickle rick....

  • Random Name
    Random Name29 gün önce

    This wasn't funny, just annoying as hell.

  • bj_ zee
    bj_ zeeAylar önce


  • M C
    M CAylar önce

    This is why it takes 3 years for a new season 😂

  • Applemask
    ApplemaskAylar önce

    Turn me so we're making eye contact

  • eijiro kirishima
    eijiro kirishimaAylar önce

    I have never seen Rick so happy

  • Lavender Kola
    Lavender KolaAylar önce

    Me at 3 am watching a laughing pickle for almost 3 minutes.... And ending up laughing too....

  • JCI L
    JCI LAylar önce


  • Leslie Munoz
    Leslie MunozAylar önce


  • wth
    wthAylar önce

    русские, объясните как это происходит? это приложение или что?

  • Dalibor Dupor
    Dalibor DuporAylar önce

    They used super absurd idea of pickle Rick to slide in 9/11 was inside job that was genius.

  • K P.
    K P.Aylar önce

    3:31 that eyebrow twitching is adorable

  • Ashfaq T
    Ashfaq TAylar önce

    0:35 broke me 😛

  • polite critique
    polite critiqueAylar önce

    Boring annoying clip

  • Redzony
    RedzonyAylar önce

    Welp he drunk

  • Curix The Wolf
    Curix The WolfAylar önce

    I don’t know what’s better. The fact I wasted 3 minutes of him laughing or the animators decided to animate just him laughing.

  • General Disarray
    General DisarrayAylar önce

    Best episode ever... Bring back Solenya!!!! Pickle Rick...

  • 瘋狂動物園
    瘋狂動物園Aylar önce

    I don't get what is so funny

  • 34543 12345
    34543 12345Aylar önce

    Everyone just watched a pickle laugh for three minutes.

  • Waffuru


    Aylar önce

    And is beautiful.

  • TheFlamingCookie
    TheFlamingCookieAylar önce


  • Kai Savanger
    Kai SavangerAylar önce


  • moody owl production's
    moody owl production'sAylar önce

    Take 56.._...

  • armyscout11
    armyscout11Aylar önce

    I want to know how they get through scenes lmao

  • Valoress Bqiskrnrjbx
    Valoress BqiskrnrjbxAylar önce

    "Ah man, this next parts gonna be hard to get through..." *Only reads "Morty,"* *PROCEEDS TO LAUGH AT "Morty"*

  • Pale O'Pterix
    Pale O'PterixAylar önce

    I can't believe I'm laughing to tears watching a talking pickle :-)))))

  • RegularBandit
    RegularBanditAylar önce

    this makes me happy

  • I’m gonna Get you!
    I’m gonna Get you!Aylar önce

    I’m watchin while eating a cold pickle!

  • Anderson Littleton
    Anderson LittletonAylar önce

    This video is this three minutes of Justin Royland laughing hysterically. I love it

  • Terry Quesenberry
    Terry QuesenberryAylar önce

    I hear some folks prefer their cucumbers Pickled!."

  • Terry Quesenberry
    Terry QuesenberryAylar önce

    Best Joke Ever!

  • sarabjit matharu
    sarabjit matharuAylar önce


  • Dragonfruit and Chill
    Dragonfruit and ChillAylar önce

    Three minutes and forty three seconds of a laughing pickle *My life LOL*

  • Stuart Hardy
    Stuart HardyAylar önce

    They need to do an outtakes episode