Today I'm revealing a medical secret that has haunted me for most of my life. We go inside the operating room and I share something I never thought I would be talking about. Don't ever feel embarrassed for what you can't control. Embrace your flaws.
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  • Angel Athena Cabanban
    Angel Athena Cabanban21 saatler önce

    i dont have that issue about your surgery but i do have the condition about the teeth

  • Anastasia Iliou
    Anastasia Iliou22 saatler önce

    Such beautiful eyes! x

  • Cassandra
    Cassandra2 gün önce

    This video gave me anxiety about swallowing my saliva

  • Steven simpson
    Steven simpson2 gün önce

    I'm a critical care recovery nurse and I essentially recover folk immediately after surgery. I hear some crazy funny things from patients lol. Then they wake up full and ask "did I say anything weird?" I'm like "No no, you were fantastic" lol. Those drugs are strong. Looks like you had Propofol sedation. I'd so love to have been your recovery nurse lol.

  • Shelley Mason
    Shelley Mason2 gün önce

    Love u Jeffrey glad ur ok and if Dr thinks I should do it again then u should bc u don't want to choke again ❤️

  • Paula Ewen
    Paula Ewen3 gün önce

    Wow!!! Scary stuff

  • jk
    jk3 gün önce

    Jeffree's deep voice tho-😳

  • Jennifer Wong
    Jennifer Wong3 gün önce

    My friend had this procedure done and it's destroyed her life. She can't eat or swallow properly because of the dilation. This is a serious condition and profoundly affects quality of life. Glad you have had success.

  • Rachel lundquest
    Rachel lundquest4 gün önce

    Gawd, his make-up was so mesmerizing! It looked so good with the hair color and outfit

  • CesyB head Head
    CesyB head Head4 gün önce

    Omg I might have that same issue Food always gets stuck in that same spot. ILY N think ur an amazing person ur such a caring person I'm ur biggest fan. I hope to be like you and start my own beauty channel some day. ❤❤❤❤😘😘😘😘😊😊😊. Ty so much for showing us how to love an be ourselves.

  • Mary Ellis
    Mary Ellis4 gün önce

    You can tell Jeffrey has good pronunciation skills shes very smart

  • jailee gonz
    jailee gonz4 gün önce

    My mom has the same issue, but she has never gone to the hospital. She just says she has a small throat, but you catch her jumping up and down in the kitchen, and that throaty snot gag sound is a near nightly thing. Sometimes I get the same feeling, but my gag reflex is super bad.

  • Justin Saine
    Justin Saine4 gün önce

    I have this. I’ve had my throat dilated 3 times. Last time lasted the longest. I take Prilosec to stop the acid reflux, which causes the esophagus rings.

  • Margarita G. V.
    Margarita G. V.4 gün önce

    I don't have this particular issue but I do have a chronic stomach issue. If you can do anything to make your chronic condition better, why wouldn't you. I have terrible teeth that makes it so hard to eat. I do cry over this. If you can do anything to better yourself, do it! ❣️

  • Melissa Looper
    Melissa Looper5 gün önce

    Your so beautiful. After looseing my mom a few years ago i let myself go quit careing about my apperance i wish i had you to do my make up for me everyday:)

  • Karen Hoskins
    Karen Hoskins5 gün önce

    The more I watch Jeffree ☆, the more I respect him. I love his bold looks that I'm too old to pull off. His really fierce looks are so amazing. This time the beautiful colors were so pretty! Jeffree, you have an inner beauty that really adds to your glamorous look. I covet that jacket! Kudos to you from a new fan!

  • Gia Cafasso
    Gia Cafasso5 gün önce

    omg i have the same problem and never told my parents and i panic evry time it happens and just wait till it passes .

  • Unicornrearea Cutie
    Unicornrearea Cutie5 gün önce

    Crapper barrel

  • Unicornrearea Cutie
    Unicornrearea Cutie5 gün önce

    Omg I think I have the same thing .______.

  • leeanne gray
    leeanne gray5 gün önce

    I love you please say hi

  • Brittney Carter
    Brittney Carter5 gün önce

    I literally can't watch Jeffree put all the way under. 😩😩

  • 70 Acres Studio
    70 Acres Studio6 gün önce

    I have Gastroparesis and Esophageal Immobility Disorder. The former causes food to sit in my stomach for 6 or more hours. The latter causes food to stay in my esophagus that feels like a fist is in my chest. It gets so bad that I foam at the mouth because water won't go down and food sits there for hours. I know what you are experiencing and hope you get relief, however temporary.

  • Courtney Whitworth
    Courtney Whitworth6 gün önce


  • Kiki Tate
    Kiki Tate6 gün önce

    Your eye makeup is so beautiful 😍

  • Alice Hancock
    Alice Hancock6 gün önce

    wow this helped me so much, I have all these just thought I had really bad heartburn and trapped gas and I choked alot .. I have to tell me, doctor, now That I may have this .

  • Tazzy5
    Tazzy56 gün önce

    A co worker just had this done two days ago...was back to work next day.

  • Holly Empey
    Holly Empey6 gün önce

    I had the same procedure done!! Not the same condition, but something similar. The first panic I ever had was choking on a soft pretzel while driving on the freeway.

  • Miguel Panal
    Miguel Panal6 gün önce

    Is he's teeth in below are much longer in his top teeth? I notice.

  • Saskajurcova
    Saskajurcova6 gün önce

    what she doin 9:36 ooooooh fk.... oO....:O :D

  • Jonas Stallsworth
    Jonas Stallsworth7 gün önce

    This is James Charles🙄🙄😂😂

  • The Official Andy Saenz
    The Official Andy Saenz7 gün önce

    19:27 "The doctor said, what first meal do you want, I want Nathan's ass....I want to go to Red Robin, I want to go to Waffle House, I want to go to Chili's, I want to go to Crabber Barrel, Crapper Barrel, Cracker Barrel. Bitch, I know you're all about your religion and you hate me, but I need your pancakes." LMFAO!!

  • Erica Wallace
    Erica Wallace7 gün önce

    Omg I have eoe too and mines caused by a dust allergy of all things

  • Erica Wallace

    Erica Wallace

    7 gün önce

    I always go to the bathroom and have to throw up!

  • Paola Solano
    Paola Solano7 gün önce


  • Bellamy Wing
    Bellamy Wing7 gün önce

    whaaat my brother has ee except dustmites & ragweed trigger it

  • I'm Just Dee
    I'm Just Dee7 gün önce

    I just love you.❤💖💜

  • Sheila B
    Sheila B8 gün önce

    OMG !!! Jeffrey, what a trip !!! I just watched your other surgery to remove hard silicone from your upper lip and this video came up right after. It's gotta be so hard to have this condition. Scary too. Thanks for showing us how it all went for you. You did so well. I gotta say I LOVE your sense of humour sweetie !!! Even under, you're hilarious. Wayyy more hilarious 😂. You're sooooo kewl !!! ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  • Star Nova
    Star Nova8 gün önce

    Im like 2 years late.. But I cant help but notice how concerned jeffree was for Madison right after he wakes up from the procedure... True friend!!

  • Cocoquinn
    Cocoquinn8 gün önce

    I love your hair! And eye shadow it's pretty

  • Carolyn Twiss
    Carolyn Twiss8 gün önce

    You, sweet Jeffree, have probably given the courage to a lot of people who were too afraid to deal with this issue and go for the procedure.

  • what's wrong with me
    what's wrong with me8 gün önce

    Hey i am Mongolian kid And who are you I can't understand why you transgendered (Bad english)

  • ivanideanow
    ivanideanow9 gün önce

    Just tonight I’m thinking about my mom having hip surgery six days from now and how she’s worried about being put under. Nothing in this world scares me more than the thought of my mom hurting or dying so, coming across this video was really timely and nice. Jeffree, you really seem like you’d just be the greatest person to be around, genuine, real, and honest. Thank you for sharing this. I’ve only recently begun watching your videos and you are a true joy to spend some TRlist time with ❤️

  • jenn s.
    jenn s.9 gün önce

    omg I have this and i didn't even know its a thing! i recently had a throat drop (go figure) get lodged and it literally took like 6 hours for it to go down. I was terrified. and don't get me started on the heartburn. ....he's not kidding. it's f'n scary.

  • Frances Ven
    Frances Ven9 gün önce

    To those of you that are asking if Jeffree is a girl or boy, man or is your answer....Jeffree is a Star...period!

  • stephan moore
    stephan moore9 gün önce

    My mom has the same condition.. thank you so much for sharing this.. it was very informative. Love you gorgeous

    IAM PARKJIMIN9 gün önce


  • 李莲
    李莲9 gün önce

    I am new, and I thought you are a girl...

  • Texas Freeway Gypsy
    Texas Freeway Gypsy9 gün önce

    Poor Jeffree. What a trooper.

  • priya patel
    priya patel10 gün önce

    You are girl or boy?

  • AGKittyHook
    AGKittyHook10 gün önce

    After listening to Jeffree's symptoms and things I have suffered from over the years, I am going to look into this condition as the culprit. Thank you Jeffree for sharing this with us!

  • Stacey Mencia
    Stacey Mencia10 gün önce

    Omg to funny to see you both waking up. Get it done again it may dialate more and help you with the condition best of luck and many prayers Love watching jefreeee starrrrr

  • ashley Vasquez
    ashley Vasquez10 gün önce

    Not surprised this shadow was a mmmmitchel moment 💜💜❤❤🧡💛💛💛

  • Malta Babe
    Malta Babe10 gün önce

    They didn’t put me under only a sedative

  • Malta Babe
    Malta Babe10 gün önce

    I had this but I was gagging

  • Malta Babe
    Malta Babe10 gün önce

    Have you got a update on this ?

  • Dream kat kiss art
    Dream kat kiss art10 gün önce

    i got the problem to

  • Aaron Vienneau
    Aaron Vienneau10 gün önce

    I have the same thing jefree. I always thought I was the only one that haf it. I am suppose to go get mine dialated every 4 to 6 years. And your right it is very embarrassing. I remember being at school and choking on food and having an ambulance have to come get me my mother and I both have it. - Danielle😍😘

  • Claudia Robinson
    Claudia Robinson10 gün önce

    You have a good caring doctor. You are blessed! You should send him a gift.

  • Claudia Robinson
    Claudia Robinson10 gün önce

    I've had 5 breast lumps removed. 4 from the right. The last one I remove I watched on a monitor, the doctor take it out. I drove to the office, and then drove home. I hosted a Christmas party a few hours later that night. Worse part is sleeping in a be a and ice packs. My mother has to have this done.

  • It's Aby
    It's Aby10 gün önce

    Fucking..damn u look so GORGEOUS 😭💗

  • C Wallace
    C Wallace11 gün önce

    Those cheek bones tho.