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  • Armastat
    Armastat29 gün önce

    Even at the Whitehouse 'Cells Phones Up' lol

  • cafemike
    cafemike29 gün önce

    Warren / Democrats = MORE TAXES

  • Robert Rains
    Robert Rains29 gün önce

    I want trump sons and daughters to run for president especially Barron.

  • Mylo Fuentes
    Mylo FuentesAylar önce


  • Sandy Coueffin
    Sandy CoueffinAylar önce

    Trudeau gave every family member of the downed plane $25,000. Why? Watch Trudeau!

  • Mae Neisler
    Mae NeislerAylar önce

    wow, that was great and I'm not even s college football. Pres Trump outdid himself and he was too funny gotta love him

  • Wei Chang
    Wei ChangAylar önce

    you have a cashapp account then this is it i just got a hack transfer of 10K$ from zealassistant,com

  • Awakened One
    Awakened OneAylar önce

    God bless our President and First Lady! Trump 2Q2Q!

  • Shane doss
    Shane dossAylar önce


  • Jeffrey Jewell
    Jeffrey JewellAylar önce


  • {Verdical_ Arts}
    {Verdical_ Arts}Aylar önce

    Fox 10, Thank you for providing Live coverage and Live chat everyday. You are the *Only* News Source I will watch. -Texas

  • Daniel Litle
    Daniel LitleAylar önce

    Watch IRAN. Something incredible is about to happen. [Hassan Rouhani] The Good People of IRAN have the POWER. FIGHT FOR YOUR FREEDOM. Q sent me

  • Stable Genius
    Stable GeniusAylar önce

    MAGA!🤣 You liars are done...

  • Hello!! :))))
    Hello!! :))))Aylar önce