John Wick: Chapter 3 | Keanu Reeves | Full Hotel Shootout Scene | 1080p

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  • Wong Sifu
    Wong SifuSaatler önce

    I bet the management never told them that the target was John Wick otherwise they would have bailed out "way over my paygrade man"

  • James Merone
    James Merone5 saatler önce

    The pool scene reminded me of The Matrix

  • Erdal Gjelstad
    Erdal GjelstadGün önce

    nobody, Me on brawlhalla: 2:11

  • Gooper Loper
    Gooper LoperGün önce

    Do u have any idea how loud a bullet is underwater!

  • Jared Lancaster
    Jared LancasterGün önce

    Watching a reloading scene in an action movie gets me excited. They understand how infinite ammo doesn't fucking work in real life scenarios. Is shows real life vulnerability. As compared to The Matrix

  • MGamer E
    MGamer E2 gün önce

    The extras move so slow it looks so fake and unintense

  • The Hazelnut Channel
    The Hazelnut Channel2 gün önce

    When you recalled a familiar place from John wick first movie

  • Harry Sachs
    Harry Sachs4 gün önce

    So the club/pool scene in the first John Wick was in the continental the entire time? Doesn’t that breach the contract of no killing on hotel grounds?

  • Ace _104

    Ace _104

    Gün önce

    That's not the club just a throwback to the first movie lighting wise, it's just a pool in the hotel

  • Void304
    Void3044 gün önce

    Carries a rifle. Uses a conversion kit to shoot pistol ammo. :/

  • Edwin Rodriguez
    Edwin Rodriguez5 gün önce

    The way the lobby looks id think Keanu Reeves decided to do first world bank on death sentence

  • Mark Bersabal
    Mark Bersabal6 gün önce


  • Erlan Ismael
    Erlan Ismael8 gün önce

    The reason why the black guy is alive cause of camouflage

  • Dax
    Dax8 gün önce

    I can respect a man who can use a gun, and when he looks good while doing it.

  • P-DOG
    P-DOG9 gün önce

    what kind of rifle is he using???

  • deranged guy
    deranged guy10 gün önce

    Here comes my Favorite sence 1:44

  • Bryan Rojas
    Bryan Rojas11 gün önce

    Your friends that are level 100 against level 10s who buy their armor

  • Average Alien
    Average Alien11 gün önce

    No one gonna talk about that beautiful pool scene?

  • Ragnarok PXN
    Ragnarok PXN14 gün önce

    When cod players start losing and break out the 725 lol

  • flor wast
    flor wast14 gün önce

    Body armor? John's playing the game on "nightmare" level...

  • Awesomeface 2213

    Awesomeface 2213

    9 gün önce

    flor wast or the guards are playing nightmare difficulty with him

  • Edsta101
    Edsta10114 gün önce

    Looooooooove this scene!

  • Doc Shan
    Doc Shan14 gün önce

    They habest green liggt ambience

  • Doc Shan
    Doc Shan14 gün önce

    This looks game

  • Alexskpp4
    Alexskpp415 gün önce

    Damn, he must've hated the last guy he shot with the Benelli m4

  • DJ Kash
    DJ Kash16 gün önce

    When you play death wish in payday

  • Christina Chandler
    Christina Chandler16 gün önce

    Me and the boys in a nerf war

  • Saturn 12
    Saturn 1216 gün önce

    The AR-15 sounds like someone saying 'hey' with it pitched down

  • Saturn 12

    Saturn 12

    16 gün önce

    @TetraVaalBioSecurity ah, still it sounds like someone saying hey just pitched down

  • TetraVaalBioSecurity


    16 gün önce

    Pistol carbine, not an AR-15.

  • TetraVaalBioSecurity
    TetraVaalBioSecurity16 gün önce

    0:30 *10-year old me telling my parents I hate them*

  • Connor Gregor
    Connor Gregor17 gün önce

    John wick/ Rambo crossover or John wick join the expendables

  • mCRedux
    mCRedux18 gün önce

    High powered rifle rounds are going to go through armor more effectively than slugs. smh

  • PositronicReflex


    9 gün önce

    Well, he was prob using 5.56 AP rounds in that rifle. If that was level IV armor though, it wasent going to penetrate. In the movie, they are using AP shotgun rounds. They skipped that scene though when he gave it to him.

  • Weirdopwner
    Weirdopwner19 gün önce

    4:17 CS GO gun drop sound

  • Naitor295


    14 gün önce

    No u

  • Blake Kelley
    Blake Kelley19 gün önce

    Even though this has the fair use clause on it, this is NOT fair use, this is straight-up piracy. Just sticking a 'fair use" clause on a video doesn't make it fair use.

  • caden nelson
    caden nelson19 gün önce

    3:45 “Remember - switching to your pistol is always faster than reloading.”

  • Erdal Gjelstad

    Erdal Gjelstad

    Gün önce

    Gaz xD

  • 종원이
    종원이20 gün önce

    How to pass final mission with level1 weapons

  • Psycho Joe
    Psycho Joe21 gün önce

    This fight is like the later levels of a video game when the enemies get tougher and have bigger health bars

  • Thomas Murrell
    Thomas Murrell22 gün önce

    When your guns aren't at a high enough level but you don't care

  • what0080
    what008022 gün önce

    What are these, minibosses?

  • marsocboy
    marsocboy23 gün önce

    When you get to a high level on Modern Warfare 3 Survival.

  • MrMacju
    MrMacju23 gün önce

    Armor-piercing 12-gauge slugs. When even overkill isn't enough.

  • Pop Tart Mall Shart
    Pop Tart Mall Shart24 gün önce

    why hide behind cover when you can just wear it wherever you go?

  • Ahanu Casey
    Ahanu Casey29 gün önce

    This is way more realistic than most movies