John Wick - Attack At The House

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  • Margin Walker
    Margin Walker13 gün önce

    DOC DER12 saatler önce


  • SheldonAdama17
    SheldonAdama174 gün önce

    Jimmy: ...I’m not paid enough to deal with this s**t

  • foxxie Roxy
    foxxie Roxy5 gün önce

    He can sort me out anytime

  • foxxie Roxy
    foxxie Roxy5 gün önce

    I'd like to meet John in a dark alley...; )

  • foxxie Roxy
    foxxie Roxy5 gün önce

    Why does he dress up to kill? Waste of a great suit ya know. Could be Versace

  • Thanos Potatoes
    Thanos Potatoes6 gün önce

    After they whacked his dog someone should have just told John, it’s what it is.

  • hunterswine
    hunterswine9 gün önce

    Seems familiar

  • Jeri Santana
    Jeri Santana9 gün önce

    Pure wick

  • Laughtill YouCry277
    Laughtill YouCry2779 gün önce

    1:30 when you realize this is some next level shit

  • Jeb Broham
    Jeb Broham11 gün önce

    Why did the boss even bother sending hitmen after John if he knew they would fail?

  • ES21007


    8 gün önce

    Because even though the guy knows his son's gonna die, he wants to stall it for as long as possible.

  • Pepe the frog
    Pepe the frog14 gün önce

    John wick: imma head out

  • NotNero
    NotNero20 gün önce

    When the enemy spots you on a stealth mission

  • XD Smiles
    XD Smiles21 gün önce

    That knife scene is amazing!

  • Alice Nightgurd
    Alice Nightgurd22 gün önce

    I ended up counting the coins and there's 12. I don't know why I did this...

  • Omer Savant
    Omer Savant23 gün önce

    "fortis fortuna adiuvat" history favors the braves

  • Claude Speed
    Claude Speed27 gün önce

    fortis fortuna adiuvat ( Fortune favors the bold!)

  • YOUSSEF Chnqaoui
    YOUSSEF Chnqaoui28 gün önce


  • Jackie Kruέģέŕ
    Jackie KruέģέŕAylar önce

    Saw this movie for the first time a few weeks back, loved it. As well as JW2! Have yet to see ch 3! :D

  • Chase Howie
    Chase HowieAylar önce

    I actually clean up dead people too

  • Handy Wisdom Toys
    Handy Wisdom ToysAylar önce

    The police left John Wick alone because he probably took down more criminals than their entire department combined.

  • purushothaman 1994
    purushothaman 1994Aylar önce

    Jimmy smart cop out there who knew with whom he shouldn't mess ....

    VITOR LOPES NEGOAylar önce


  • Nicollas Anderson

    Nicollas Anderson

    13 gün önce


  • The crow
    The crowAylar önce

    I would like to make dinner reservation for 12

  • Poke Mon
    Poke MonAylar önce

    [SOLO] | | V (You'll be facing 1 John Wick) You:EASY 98*DEAD* You:oh

  • Fardin Mari
    Fardin MariAylar önce

    Fuck he shot so damn good in the Head that i feel pain in my head

  • 21st Century Crusader
    21st Century CrusaderAylar önce

    i'm so sorry for viggo. this is his son's fault not his but duh.. tsk so sorry viggo.

  • John Plays
    John PlaysAylar önce

    Jimmy when he sees dead body: oh shit plz don’t kill me John.

  • 1tired citizen
    1tired citizen2 aylar önce

    Wasn't it nice of John to leave the doors unlocked for them?

  • Davis Luong
    Davis Luong2 aylar önce

    Best clean-up crew ever

  • Patrick Stivers
    Patrick Stivers2 aylar önce

    Where is Jimmy's movie?

  • leifaxardo
    leifaxardo2 aylar önce

    His a man of focus... And shear fuking will.

  • Laughtill YouCry277
    Laughtill YouCry2772 aylar önce

    1:30 when you realize this is some next level shit

  • Alucard Hellsing7800
    Alucard Hellsing78002 aylar önce

    Dinner rervatiom best code ever

  • Doctor Strange
    Doctor Strange2 aylar önce

    John Wick Vs Wicked People

  • Supreme Nation
    Supreme Nation2 aylar önce

    Most casual day after seeing a dead body on the side of the door

  • something something oof
    something something oof2 aylar önce

    I think chapter 4 is when wick dies cuz in the first movie he dies in the first few minutes

  • Doctor Strange

    Doctor Strange

    2 aylar önce

    The first scenes of the first movie were the last scenes of "John Wick". That scene was after fighting Viggo.

  • L1F3 1NVAD3R
    L1F3 1NVAD3R2 aylar önce

    Break into John's house once? Shame on you. Break into John's house twice? He kills you.

  • Team Tech
    Team Tech2 aylar önce

    1:03 best scene

  • Milton Tavares
    Milton Tavares2 aylar önce

    And just like that,the action films were back on their feet in Hollywood.