Fastest Stocks in Smash Ultimate #18


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End screens music:


  • Sese Mee
    Sese Mee2 gün önce

    Granted Boogie was up against Mystearica (Indiana’s #1 player)

  • Chris Dungo
    Chris Dungo16 gün önce

    2:23 The commentators are Alpharad and his friend Joe

  • Whos that pokemon?
    Whos that pokemon?18 gün önce

    2:02 OOH LA LA

  • The Entity
    The Entity20 gün önce

    Nobody: Captain falcon: I AM CUM

  • sptsuna
    sptsuna20 gün önce

    Nah the fastest stock is when I down air SD as Sonic

    XxMETALJAREDxX26 gün önce

    5:44 hahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Zack Birmingham
    Zack Birmingham28 gün önce

    5:13 tooooo clean

  • Baby Yoda
    Baby YodaAylar önce

    Fastest stock in the west

  • B R U H
    B R U HAylar önce

    5 seconds is all he needs Ichibio keka

  • Voltage The Pikachu
    Voltage The PikachuAylar önce

    To be fair the pika should havw used skull bash instead of a move putting him into freefall if squirtles in play with a full charge

  • Gregory Greg
    Gregory GregAylar önce

    1:17 I think I know this technique. It's called the hat in hand glitch

  • Keepers of Light
    Keepers of LightAylar önce

    5:12 He's just happy to learn lmao

  • Robert Veness
    Robert VenessAylar önce

    *Character loses stock* OWW!! Nice!! *Clip keeps rolling* Aw Shit. Here we go again...

  • Casual SmashPlayer
    Casual SmashPlayerAylar önce

    BigStew Need a rank

  • Goombs
    GoombsAylar önce

    Commentator: I'm gonna say a curse wor- Sans: I'm gonna have to stop you right there

  • Chaotic Butter
    Chaotic ButterAylar önce

    All this intense ass shit then at 2:24 fucking alpharad out of no where

  • zaydicc, bruh
    zaydicc, bruhAylar önce

    5:14 this is so satisfaying

  • Aranciata Rossa
    Aranciata RossaAylar önce

    4:59 wow how did this become the most watched video on youtube? 100 billion views??

  • Antron Petty
    Antron PettyAylar önce

    French Commentator: Ooh la la!!! Me, an American: 😆😆😆😆

  • JustArcher
    JustArcherAylar önce

    2:36 okay?? Bruh I hate commentators like this, the "know-it-all"s that make sure that you know that they KNOW the matchup and they take every opportunity to let u know by spitting random facts periodically throughout the match or set

  • thekamman111 1

    thekamman111 1

    Aylar önce

    he said that for future reference if someone were to get into that situation

  • Benjamin Lalande
    Benjamin LalandeAylar önce

    2:34 Cannon red is the man of the people

  • Count Bopula
    Count BopulaAylar önce

    0:24 At the top left, does it say "cum" or "gum"? Edit: It's cum lol The tag on the bottom says I am cum

  • Connor Hancock
    Connor HancockAylar önce

    What was that abomination with the ears at 7:15

  • Joe Mama
    Joe MamaAylar önce

    1:25 k.rool kidnapping DK for DKC2 Cutscene revealed HD remake

  • Joe Mama
    Joe MamaAylar önce

    0:30 lmao one of them is called cum

  • The Lone Pencil
    The Lone PencilAylar önce

    Well, Villagers worst match up is Palu so...

  • JohnKnight416
    JohnKnight416Aylar önce

    9:25 Fox: *PEW PEW* Pac-God: "All of that for a drop of blood"

  • JohnKnight416
    JohnKnight416Aylar önce

    3:56 I need to see the video of this match. Can someone please send me the video link of this match?

  • lukedro
    lukedroAylar önce

    6:40 Wario: Ooof lmao

  • Chili Cheese Fries
    Chili Cheese FriesAylar önce

    Doesn’t matter what language the stream’s in, hype transcends all language barriers

  • Haze Here
    Haze HereAylar önce

    I know people like to shit on commentators who mention your channel but I love it cause then we'd have great edits like we have here 💕 Keep up the good work YEET Smash

  • Ok no xd
    Ok no xdAylar önce

    0:07 NFS be like:

  • kombatjenning
    kombatjenningAylar önce

    Yeet Smash has transcended to ENTITY status, folks.

  • King Lancer
    King LancerAylar önce

    *grabs opponent at zero with luigi* Im boutta emd this mans whole career

  • Freddie Simmons
    Freddie SimmonsAylar önce

    "Ooh la laaaa!" I love French highlights lollala

  • Batman Oh yeah
    Batman Oh yeahAylar önce

    Next is Saltiest Moments in Smash: Just the entire Byleth reveal

  • bkirkpa1
    bkirkpa1Aylar önce

    Ok, so I'm watching at 0:30 and I'm thinking Palutena should have won that exchange cleanly because she's got invincibility around her shield. Anyone want to explain why I'm so horribly wrong?

  • Parqer Fred
    Parqer FredAylar önce

    *sees a character with a counter* Me: shows over folks.

  • Speedy Sonic boi
    Speedy Sonic boiAylar önce

    Why isnt this called zero to death combos / fastest stocks

  • EddieDELTARUNE, Palu main
    EddieDELTARUNE, Palu mainAylar önce

    0:38 ayyy good to see my boy Arch out there :)

  • Wanh3das
    Wanh3dasAylar önce

    G e t Y o u r EDGEGAURDS people

  • Caleb Graham
    Caleb GrahamAylar önce

    When the dude said *OH MY GOD* but in country, I felt that.

  • Vulgun
    VulgunAylar önce

    9:36 "Okay t-Phobos." Are you saying he got infected with fear?

  • Quinton Mitchell
    Quinton MitchellAylar önce

    Anybody upset about the 5th DLC character?

  • Sjono
    SjonoAylar önce

    Byleth has taken so much internet stock in less than a day

  • Perfectionado
    PerfectionadoAylar önce

    So nice to see some Duck Hunt kickin ass.

  • Devin Tucker
    Devin TuckerAylar önce

    These stocks were lost faster then my chances of getting laid

  • Dan Clark
    Dan ClarkAylar önce

    Very first stock could’ve just switched to ivy

  • jonthepiesalesman
    jonthepiesalesmanAylar önce

    4:59 those numbers lmao

  • Thomas Steward

    Thomas Steward

    Aylar önce

    77M likes and 0 dislikes... Seems about right.


    1:34 capi nooooo

  • Colin Brumbach
    Colin BrumbachAylar önce

    Me: *Reads thumbnail* Also Me: i FeLt ThAt

  • Smooth Criminal
    Smooth CriminalAylar önce

    5:43 I laughed too hard at this

  • The Dealer500

    The Dealer500

    Aylar önce

    How everyone feels when grab by Luigi

  • fraaanii skk
    fraaanii skkAylar önce

    1:33 SU/ CAPI 😔

  • slamkam07
    slamkam07Aylar önce

    This video: the same 6 top tiers 0-death random low tiers. Find some more impressive clips.

  • Pika Pika Gaming

    Pika Pika Gaming

    Aylar önce

    slamkam07 So King K Rool, Mario, Link, Luigi, Puff and probably many more are top tiers?! shut up say something good when you have actual proof and a valid argument Mr. Salty

  • Levi Zacharias

    Levi Zacharias

    Aylar önce

    Calling falcon a top tier?

  • CorrieLejjena
    CorrieLejjenaAylar önce

    OOH LA LAAAAA!!!!!!!

  • ɹᴉʞㄣ
    ɹᴉʞㄣAylar önce

    Byleth gonna be taking stocks in 3 seconds with down b

  • Xero The Hero
    Xero The HeroAylar önce

    4:30 was ruthless

  • Ghoul890studios


    Aylar önce

    Xero The Hero The Palu player was Versed Ace More like reversed ace

  • Sam, the Headless Yiy
    Sam, the Headless YiyAylar önce

    So many roys were hurt in the making of this video

  • LittleBird
    LittleBirdAylar önce

    2:24 pretty sure this is Alpharad and JoSniffy on mic

  • F4TA1 3RR0R

    F4TA1 3RR0R

    Aylar önce

    Ya, I had no idea this clip was gonna show up here

  • Orange man

    Orange man

    Aylar önce

    So that's why the commentators were so boring

  • Clayton Kruse

    Clayton Kruse

    Aylar önce

    LittleBird it is! It’s a local invitational thingy that they did in a pub

  • Pika Pika Gaming

    Pika Pika Gaming

    Aylar önce

    LittleBird yeah

  • Jordan Quiles
    Jordan QuilesAylar önce

    This video brought to you by: F O R W A R D A E R I A L In association with: *HEEYAH!*

  • Orange man

    Orange man

    Aylar önce