Faiz Ahmed Faiz Interview about his life and message for poets

Faiz Ahmed Faiz talks about his childhood and his wishes and gives his last message to the new poets and artists


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    Likho wo jo dil pe guzarti ho.

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    A M تن ورتی آپ بيتی

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    Kindly post full video or send a link if possible. What a fascinating man!!

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    Faiz was Faiz

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    Subhanallah Huzoor Aapke Jaise Insaan Aajkal K Zamane Me Nahi Paida Hotey.. Respect From India/Amritsar❤️🙏🏻

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    Faraz was named by an uncle of mine who was his friend..and in turn Faraz named his son after my uncle...shibli

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    FULL SWAG. 👌👌👌👌👍👍

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    Interview kiss date ka hai plzz mantion date

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    Interview dete wakt paheli baar dekha koi secret peetey hue 😱😱😱

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    Bhaee aakhir the great faiz sahb hain

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    Donon Jahan Teri Mohabbat Mein .har.ke.wo.ja.rha.hai.koi. Shane.gham.gujar.ke

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    Alhamdulillah I stopped smoking after a long struggle. But to Faiz sahab i donno why it looks cool.

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    Faiz, Josh Pakistan jaker pachhtaye thhe. Lekin Hindu werchaswa ke bharat ko chhod diya. Laanat hai aisi soch per. Sahr-e-zindan padhi tow pata chalta hai.

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    खुलेआम सिगरेट पी रहा है।

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    Is it Ahmed Faraz Saab sitting next to him.



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    Yes you are right, also host is Iftikhar arif another renowned poet and scholar

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    Grttr person...Thinking level1000

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    What're nice persnality

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    Kitna arrogant tha ye banda , tv set pe camera k samne smoke kar raha hay. bahut galat bat hay.

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    omg.. great faiz with great fraz. guy on right is fraz.

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    Sometimes it is disgusting to label and limit a poet in religious and national context. Organized religions are also a shame to society. What they did to mankind? Two most followed religions in the world have just enslaved human thought and mind. Its so sad and disgusting.

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    God gifted talent.

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    Mubarik ho Faiz sahib, quran hifz ker kay aap musalman nah ho sakay laikin Moodi kay india nain aap ko musalman ker dia.

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    Hum dekhenge hum bhi dekhenge .. love you India

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    Yeh banda mrke bhi Zinda hai Avi india mai kaafi charche mai hai Inquilabi Shayar #HumDekhenge #IndiaRejectNrc_CAA_Npr #protest #jamiaProtest

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    I'm here after hum dekhenge controversy

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    Sayar k liye nastik hona jaruri

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    hargiz nahi . sb se Qabil shayar Allama Iqbal misaal e aam hain

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    Us zamane me bhi faiz ki dressing dekhiyeeee ... wahhhh n styl

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    Was Faiz an Atheist

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    nope a true muslim

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    The host of this show is Moin Akhtar (abay sale ) wale comedian. absolutely two legends

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    No.. you're wrong Host of this interview is Iftikhar Arif Who is also a living legend

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    can't understand why he chose not to settle in Bharat though :-/ he was heavily oriented towards communism his wife and sister-in-law in-fact politically supported the then communist party in Europe/ Britain. still, despite being learned, foreign educated and modern thinker.. he preferred the charade of religious heaven (that was never to be)¡ :-(

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    @sailaab Bhai tum UP walon say poch lo Kya haal hai unka Hindu Rashtra mein bake Gujrat aur babri masjid ko bhol jao tujhe khud pata chal jaey ga..

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    He would have *been killed .. hota hai pyaare.. and not.. He would have killed

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    hahaha yeah right.. _{{smirks}}_ there are no Musalmaans in Bharat. arey bewakoof.. there is no such thing as and never will be a "Hindu rashtra" fication if the Democratic Republic of India.. this is not a joke like napaakistan, nor a religion based kingdom like Nepal, Saudi and Faiz had communist leanings, a gori mem wife who actually worked for communist party in her youth.. her sister too. so how does it matter what his name, surname is/was Javed Akhtar too is practically irreligious.. he would have been murdered in lunatic countries like North Korea, Napaakistan, Saudi just like you all kill, abduct, enslave, rape minorities. let these right wing divisive bastards fall from favour and hopefully within 6-7 years after that Bharat would recover from the cultural degradation and media too would stop being a paid full time rakhail/ keep.. of such masters but sadly napaakistan is and was and will almost always be a rotting corpse where maggots from Army and rich elite/political businesspersons will keep feeding. aap Soch Videos trlist.info/channelcyHtQBCEPKVWmmjNle0QDAvideos?disable_polymer=1&persist_app=1&app=desktop ke kuch reporting dekheiN.. kaafi eye opener hai.. yeh tou wahiN ke log banatey heiN nnn¡ many positive things too happening in napaakistan but there also are many grim realities too. and i care not about religion phuck organised religion but other things, society, human values, culture, economic issues, environment safety, laws and protecting self as third world countries Napaakistan Bharat Bangladesh are literally the garbage box of the world napaakistan has been collecting immeasurable e-waste that kids recycle in most dangerous conditions (toxic chemicals) Bharat has other filth and used cloths toys books and ship breaking.. but now most of the ship breaking work in South Asia goes to Bangladesh my point was just that.. he was to go to Cambridge (but didn't after the war started) he was a typical desi.. despite so called Islam following family.. they wanted him to not marry outside their Chowdhary caste/culture.. but he actually did marry outside.. love affair. he smoke, drank, ate whatever he wanted.. and was not tied to orthodox traditions.. he could have very well stayed in his homeland or workplace.. than to migrate to such a caustic and (now we know) unstable country. maybe at his core he was just another mamma's boy and wanted to be the "good muslim" she wanted out of him..

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    He would have been killed like the rest of Muslim in Hindu Rashtra..he opted for PAKISTAN wise man🙏 🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰💖💖💖💖💖

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    Smoking bhi sath main gajab hai

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    Faiz sahab and Faraz sahab ek sath...waahh...modern urdu poetry ki do ankhein...love and respect for both 😍😘😘😘

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    Faiz and Faraz sahab wow..

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    Pehle Ke Log Banawati Nahi To Jo Andar Se Hote The Wo Zahir Bhi The

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    Great man

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    Like it along with #NRC #CAA

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    فیض احمد فیض صاحب آ پ کے الفاظ میں جو سحر تھا اس کا اثر آ ج بھی لوگوں کے دلوں پر قائم ہے اللہ تعالیٰ آپ کو جنت الفردوس میں اعلیٰ مقام عطا فرمائے آمین

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    Faiz, My favourite

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    These old interviews are priceless and treasures of wisdom!.

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    ڈھونڈو گے اگر ملکوں ملکوں ملنے کے نہیں نایاب ہیں ہم

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    4:18 "arz Dil..... What did he say, can anyone help

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    Persian ka sentence hai "Az dil khaizad, bar dil raizad" Means " Dil se nikalne wali bat dil pr asar krti hai"

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    Mohammad Gujjar farsi

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    Bhai us ne pashto mn bola hy ya phir farsi mn

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    then why people used to call him a atheist? the conversation at the start depicts different story, any body has authentic info about faiz and ahmad faraz?

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    @naji nazia, he was also fluent in arabic and in fact had MA arabic along with literature..He had a different view regarding religion that was open and accepting as compared to mullahs and narrow minded clergy that's why they spread rumors of him being an atheist...although God knows better....

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    Everyone who speaks against extremism is called an atheist in this region

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    Wow what an amazing personality.inke likhe ashaar aaj india me protests me use ho rahe hai. Salute to u Faiz sahab. Hum dekhege lazim hai hum bhi dekhege. 🇮🇳

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    Hum ney dekh liya tha pichley 60 saalon. Tum ab jaagey ho. The protesters are as clueless about Faiz as they are about the issue.

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    @Tabish Ahmed Qureshi thank u but i feel sad that u haven't met many Indians with similar set of thoughts.coz trust me majority feel the same.

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    @shreya4011 pehli dafa kisi indian ku realistic or sachi bat krte dekh, appreciate you ,love from Pakistan

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    @Sheikh Abid it has not been banned.infact it has shaken the base of this government that's y they r labelling it as anti hindu. it has not been banned. And yes democracy secularism is in danger these days because of bjp n rss. It is for this reason there is nation wide protest my dear frnd.

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    @shreya4011 he wasn't wrong , the nazm is banned in india now and they have decided to remove it from the books .. he predicted it very early ... Democratic much?

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    great people together.

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    Great poet, I'm reading him since I was a kid.

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    Likho WO Jo dil pe guzarty hoo

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    Shibli faraz, what a disgrace.

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    Punjabi ho Punjabi bolo Punjabi likho Punjabi paddo. Punjabi layi mar jao. I love great afjal Asain Randawa saab. Nizam din. Ahsan bajwa saab

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    kanwal sandhu Punjabi men likhte tou kabhi bhi itnay barey shaier na bunte.ye Urdu he hai Jo star ko super star banati hai.

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    Enviable views. Sanu inferiority complex e rehna hy apni boli baray. Punjabi de sb tu wadday vairy punjabi polun walay e ne

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    faiz was punjabi too.

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    Babar Ghazi. O tenu samz nahi Aunni c

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    To Panjabi me hi likh na. Bewakoof.

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    Earlier 90s interview

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    faiz died in 1984

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    تو بات یہ ہے بچو۔۔۔۔!! 😂

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    He was supporter of Islamofascism and terrorism. He hated India and supported hatred towards Hindus

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    @Jamal Panhwar Yeah, I don't hate him.

  • Jamal Panhwar

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    @Hopeful Stoner Linke any other believer if he was communist that does not mean we must hate him, he might have some soft corner for communism but he was certainly not atheist

  • Hopeful Stoner

    Hopeful Stoner

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    Nope. He was a communist.

  • Jamal Panhwar

    Jamal Panhwar

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    Sorry but you are just saying all that for the sake of saying and hating, you unknowingly are promoting hate

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    Faraz and faiz both legends together nice to see the interview.

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    Aur Habib jalib sahab bhi

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    yeh doosray Ahmed faraz sahab hain??tabh hii main soch ra hoon k yeh kahin dekhay dekhay hain..kafi change lag re hain iss age main

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    Secular bastard communist

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    Mere charagar ko naveed ho safe dushmana ko khabar karo Wo jo qarz rakhte the jaan per wo hisaab aj chuka dia