Dr. Michael Baden: New Epstein evidence points to murder

Forensic pathologist Dr. Michael Baden says the condition of Jeffrey Epstein's eyes and legs are not consistent with the suicide claim by the medical examiner. #FoxNews

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  • Martin Mullan
    Martin Mullan11 saatler önce

    He was murdered. The most incredible thing is they know everyone knows he was whacked but they don't care.

  • antifa Bonze
    antifa BonzeGün önce

    UHh baby uhhh baby pedophiles try to hideeee....

  • Tomahawk
    TomahawkGün önce

    Epstine waited to long to .drop hammer .however gesliane might have be already dead or selling that tap and pics to other Gov.

  • Novv St. Rivver
    Novv St. Rivver2 gün önce

    I don’t even think he’s really dead Tupac dead Epstein is not dead 😂

  • michael lopez
    michael lopez5 gün önce

    It sounds like he is discussing hanging in the classic sense, from a point directly over head when in this case they’re saying it was at a diagonal tied not from overhead but from behind

  • earthSCAN NZ
    earthSCAN NZ7 gün önce

    it's the American dream -

  • Hello Me
    Hello Me8 gün önce

    The elite

  • Hello Me
    Hello Me8 gün önce

    We all know they killed this man.

  • Keith
    Keith10 gün önce

    total coverup...

  • Monika Padilla
    Monika Padilla10 gün önce

    Fox is a yew news... so now they want ya say he was murdered because oriole know he is alive in Israel!!! He is even withdrawing money from his bank in the Virgin Islands!!!! Research people research!!!

  • Armando Munoz
    Armando Munoz10 gün önce

    He is still alive if he was pronounced dead at the hospital they coulda switched bodys anythime during the trip to the hospital!! He has so much money u think 100k for wach mothafuker wont go thru??

  • iTalk uListen
    iTalk uListen12 gün önce

    Trump and Barr had him killed, he knew too much about EVERYONE, both dems and republicans so yeah are we really that surprised? 😒 If he had hardcore proof of elite pedophile activities including trump, bill and many others sleeping with underage girls on his jet and abroad, do you really think the powers that be would let him just wait for a trial hearing? Pleeeease! Hell elites in other countries wanted him gone for the same reasons 😂😂😂 and the sad thing is, trump and barr have both completely stopped talking about him, hmmm I wonder why! Lmao our presidents are CHOSEN, not voted in! Trump is a stooge just like those before him and those after should the reptilians decide his current theatrics have gotten too outta control for them to continue letting him disrupt their main agenda of new world order

  • chris ismail
    chris ismail13 gün önce

    No results from the EMTS will be released, as they prob are not even real EMT . as the just dressed as ent to remove the body. And what hospital did they take him to that prob would have footage of him their and legs. That's if they took him to a hospital.

  • Mae Hedding
    Mae Hedding14 gün önce

    Smells like fish to me.

  • jojoexperience
    jojoexperience15 gün önce

    And now Clintons are gonna get this guy killed

  • catchmeifyucan1
    catchmeifyucan124 gün önce

    Epstein murdered himself. he just didnt realize it

  • Vince T
    Vince T25 gün önce

    The truth shall set you free. Amen

  • Vince T
    Vince T25 gün önce

    The walls are closing in on the Democratic Party and the light is turned on so bright they're running around like rats

  • tom a
    tom a26 gün önce

    if you are wondering why bill barr ruled this a suicide and no foul play...... bill barr was known as cia agent johnson, involved in the iran-contra affair... you know of reagan and bush sr. but bill clinton was elbow deep in that crime too. epstein had dirt on clinton. clinton is crime buddies with barr. There you go, the missing link.

  • t lam
    t lam26 gün önce

    Shut the front door ... and your mom's a woman 🙄

  • Rise Harris
    Rise Harris27 gün önce

    Seth Rich Was Alive When They Got Him To The Hospital. He Should Have Lived. Research It! The Doctors Who Initially Treated Him Have Been Silenced! It’s Coming!

  • Nee Nee O
    Nee Nee O27 gün önce

    These facts are HIGHLY SIGNIFICANT!!!

  • tonyspacemanable
    tonyspacemanable27 gün önce

    Didn't need him to tell us Epstein was murdered. Follow the steps. First transfer his cell mate. Then cameras are turned off. Then the guards supposedly fall asleep. This is the same scenario from every movie and TV show where someone in jail is supposed to testify against a high ranking person or organization.

  • Tomas Neshoba.holba
    Tomas Neshoba.holba28 gün önce

    They just don't like him because he's Jewish, so they tried to make it look like suicide because they don't want his family to get the insurance money because they are cruel. Then they have the audacity to claim Jewish people are excessively frugal to the point of pinching a centavo , they do that with many people's like the Scottish as well . Thats well and how you know its a British Conspiracy! Then they have a nerve to make a big deal out of Putin for how he decides to burn his own spy's who were his OWN people to keep them from informing on Russia. What nationality was Epstein, and why is America not protecting its citizens ?

  • Mr March30
    Mr March3028 gün önce

    the elites win again

  • Corruptdigit x
    Corruptdigit x28 gün önce

    Barr can do something about this and he is facilitating in the cover up. Makes Barr kinda guilty of homicide I'd say. Medical examiner is guilty also. Keep following the guilty parties and it will lead you through all the guilty parties. Who is facilitating the cover up? Name names.....

  • IcantSignIn
    IcantSignIn28 gün önce

    Pffft...all the "old" evidence did too.

  • Shirley Ann Sellars
    Shirley Ann Sellars28 gün önce

    Bill barr is covering up for trump and some powerful people it's a lot of pedophiles here. He was murdered. Was about to spill the beans on a lot of pedophiles. Alan dershowitz prince Andrew and many many many more.

  • Albert Morris
    Albert Morris28 gün önce

    Trump, Bill Clinton, Prince Andrew -- all implicated in the crimes or cover-up.

  • Ronald Stormy
    Ronald Stormy28 gün önce

    The Clintons had him killed. Vince foster style.

  • waiotahi52
    waiotahi5228 gün önce

    Is this the same Jeffrey Epstein that is among all the people that Donald doesn't know?

  • KeepitREAL EDKH
    KeepitREAL EDKH29 gün önce

    We all knew this💯

  • fuu
    fuu29 gün önce

    Trump is not interested in this thread

    TAZ MAN29 gün önce

    Listen man, there is no doubt in my mind, that jeffrey epstien was murdered. Dr Badon is a world renowned forensic pathologist. I trust his opinion. Now the video from the so called first suicide attempt of jeffrey epstien, is all of sudden missing aswell. This thing stinks like hell...

  • DimensionZombie
    DimensionZombie29 gün önce

    BILL CLINTON rapes CHILDREN PRINCE ANDREW rapes CHILDREN The royal family protects pedophiles

  • niacal4nia
    niacal4nia29 gün önce

    Another fake FOX news for his idiot audience.

  • Pamela Woolsey
    Pamela Woolsey29 gün önce

    Well we know who ordered the hit! Wasn't Fred Flintstone the one who visited him last! So obvious.

  • Andy Martin
    Andy Martin29 gün önce

    Notice how the criminal press wants to keep this story quiet. Why? If this man ran around with Republicans it would be on the front page of the NYT everyday. There would be protests and committees. The simple fact is this would hurt the Democrats and that's why its trying to be swept under the rug. If you wonder why Americans distrust American institutions.......see JEFFERY EPSTEIN.

  • babiesmakinbabies
    babiesmakinbabies29 gün önce

    Fox going to be surprised when this all unravels and leads to both Clinton and Trump.

  • steve20118
    steve2011829 gün önce

    Parnas is deeply worried Bill Barr issued a suicide order like the one Trump asked him to do on his buddy Jeffy.

  • Patsy Judd
    Patsy Judd29 gün önce

    Mmm. Clinton

  • James Laughlin
    James Laughlin29 gün önce

    Trump will do what ever it takes to cover the Israeli mossad blackmail ring. The Zionist are Israel first.

    LRG THEBOSS29 gün önce


  • Rob Y
    Rob Y29 gün önce

    If you are wondering who had a lot of reasons to have him quiet, look at his associates. Oh my goodness. Now of his circle of friends,who had access to that jail facility? Who had the authority to walk right in to a secure government facility with high profile inmates being held there? Wm.Barr come to mind?

  • Dave B
    Dave B29 gün önce

    Trump's fascist elites had him murdered

  • Nayden Spirdonov
    Nayden Spirdonov29 gün önce

    So who ordered the killing?

  • Fallout Girl
    Fallout Girl29 gün önce

    Dr. Michael Baden knows that these people are clowns.

  • Dane Pacheco
    Dane PachecoAylar önce

    I can see this guy being offered lasagna or spaghetti and saying "no thank you I've seen enough of it" 😑

  • Jane Dope
    Jane DopeAylar önce

    Epstein is the reason Lev Parnas is speaking to the media and singing like a bird, he’s terrified of William Barr!!! He knows when he goes back to prison he is the next one to be murdered and then everyone will be told it was a random accident or whatever

  • Jane Dope
    Jane DopeAylar önce

    Everyone on here talking about Clinton’s... WATCH THE LEV PARNAS INTERVIEWS!!!! That should open your eyes about exactly who you need to be afraid of because we are very close to losing our democracy. WAKE UP before it’s too late

  • Jane Dope
    Jane DopeAylar önce

    Trump is using both of Epstein’s lawyers!!! William Barr is the ATTORNEY GENERAL!! He’s the one who is in control of the federal prison system! He was definitely murdered, and William Barr got rid of the video... and let this happen. How are you guys not seeing this?!??

  • Chrissy Myers
    Chrissy MyersAylar önce

    has anyone else noticed that this dr keeps saying bodIES! whats up with that!!

  • Trousersnake Pliskin
    Trousersnake PliskinAylar önce

    I believe in Santa Claus. I believe in the Tooth Fairy. I believe in the Easter bunny. I believe in Jeffrey Epstein's suicide. I believe in The Abominable Snowman. I believe in Yowies. I believe I'll pour me another drink and pack me another cone. I believe I've only told the truth in one of these statements, not including this one.

  • johan van wyngaard
    johan van wyngaardAylar önce

    So convenient . No video . No guards . Evidence destroyed .

  • Clipper Guy Muto
    Clipper Guy MutoAylar önce

    Yup, he was definitely suicided!

  • Victor Holland
    Victor HollandAylar önce


  • Evan Gelist
    Evan GelistAylar önce

    The Clinton's had a big interest in him not talking. How often was Bill on Jeffery's Island and plane?

  • Carla White
    Carla WhiteAylar önce

    His right earlobe was severed also by a wire garrote...

  • Eddie Costa
    Eddie CostaAylar önce

    Wish they would’ve showed this much interest in the victims...

  • Anthony G
    Anthony GAylar önce

    Maybe he was killed by the cell mate and the jail is covering it up because they were supposed to protect him