Can-am XMR 1000 in swimming pool, SEND IT

Redneck pool party atv in swimming
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  • workingclassmf
    workingclassmf10 saatler önce

    Whatched this twice now I think I’m the dumb one....... no it’s still that guy!

  • Najaf Agha
    Najaf Agha18 saatler önce

    A big Beer Burp @<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="391">6:31</a>

  • Dionysius Hideo
    Dionysius Hideo20 saatler önce

    Gerang pekok

  • Colby Bogolin
    Colby BogolinGün önce

    Should have listened to the kid saying park it

  • angel romero

    angel romero

    Gün önce

    i thought he was saying carson

  • Collin McLaughlin
    Collin McLaughlin2 gün önce

    My beer I need to save my beer

  • jonarl83
    jonarl832 gün önce

    Gringo inbecil...

  • B P
    B P2 gün önce

    This guy really thinks he’s Evil Knievel

  • Daniel Cardona

    Daniel Cardona

    2 gün önce


  • Serge Bisson
    Serge Bisson2 gün önce

    Soooo stupid...

  • Parker White
    Parker White2 gün önce

    Can-Am quality control

  • Angel
    Angel2 gün önce

    удачной замены масло редуктора 😉

  • TheDirtytwister
    TheDirtytwister2 gün önce

    Hold my beer. Wait I’ll hold it like a boss

  • No U
    No U3 gün önce

    What did Carson doo

  • yeet man 78

    yeet man 78

    2 gün önce

    She isnt saying carson shes saying park it

  • Cloudfights
    Cloudfights3 gün önce


  • William Palmer
    William Palmer3 gün önce

    At one point the cameraman burped

  • Christopher Wilson
    Christopher Wilson3 gün önce

    I like the video

  • Brayan Paresqui
    Brayan Paresqui3 gün önce

    ricos e suas imbecis brincadeiras.....

  • Julian Soni
    Julian Soni3 gün önce

    Let's be honest, this was in our recommended.

  • kravanamjesecu
    kravanamjesecu3 gün önce

    This video rocks!

  • juho karkkunen
    juho karkkunen3 gün önce

    Nyt on kova nimi

  • Mc Flo
    Mc Flo3 gün önce


  • hsvkidusa
    hsvkidusa3 gün önce

    Florida man strikes again

  • nick j
    nick j3 gün önce

    Are all Americans this dumb.

  • B P

    B P

    2 gün önce

    Just add alcohol and yes.

  • yeet man 78

    yeet man 78

    2 gün önce

    How about all three of u shut up. First of all ok its his money so he does what he wants.. secondly he did this because he was challenged not exactly because he wanted to....and lastly if your going to talk crap why did u watch the video?

  • Nicolai


    3 gün önce

    @Katrina Kellam facts

  • Katrina Kellam

    Katrina Kellam

    3 gün önce

    No not all of us just the ones who have too much money and time on their hands

  • Ling Yagk
    Ling Yagk4 gün önce

    DEEP END DEEP END DEEP END there's always that one friend that enjoys watching you lose money 🤣

  • Fangtasia
    Fangtasia4 gün önce

    Mitä vittua?

  • Emily Grenfell
    Emily Grenfell4 gün önce

    It’s tires. Are flat🤣

  • OCC Clan

    OCC Clan

    2 gün önce

    No there not it’s just if has old

  • Дмитрий Полтавский
    Дмитрий Полтавский4 gün önce

    Главный герой без мозгов совсем а оператор чистый свин

    AY TUBE4 gün önce


  • Gauthier Gang
    Gauthier Gang5 gün önce

    They act like thats so deep lol

  • relese_thebeast72
    relese_thebeast725 gün önce

    And then I though to my self is he drinking and driving

  • Patrick Hernandez
    Patrick Hernandez6 gün önce


  • BraziFN
    BraziFN6 gün önce

    this is so old sub to me

  • Pati Sanchez
    Pati Sanchez6 gün önce

    Me estaba riendo mucho😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Pati Sanchez

    Pati Sanchez

    6 gün önce

    No manches

  • Friendroid
    Friendroid6 gün önce

    Trump supporters in the wild

  • Keegab Rascon
    Keegab Rascon6 gün önce

    Most of these people in this comment section don’t understand ATVs with snorkels

  • Skipp Dunlap
    Skipp Dunlap7 gün önce

    Someone’s rich uncle must have died, because anyone who worked hard for that money isn’t that much of an idiot. This is the definition of having more money than sense.

  • Nolan Stroud

    Nolan Stroud

    5 gün önce

    @Dustin Warner what was he talking bout then

  • Dustin Warner

    Dustin Warner

    5 gün önce

    @Nolan Stroud who said he's talking about the four wheeler?

  • codyrstrause


    6 gün önce

    It’s called having fun

  • Nolan Stroud

    Nolan Stroud

    7 gün önce

    it's not dumb the four wheelers meant for that kind of stuff the thing on the top is called a snorkel you can't get water into that or the engine will stall out n the four-wheeler will shut off automatically for $9,000 it better better able to do that

  • Barbara Ward
    Barbara Ward7 gün önce

    Thank 🐺😄💥😆😉⭐️🌙🔥🐗🐌🐌🦖🕸🕸🦗🦐🦐🦐🦑🦐🐍🐍🐍🐜🐅🐟🥡🥢🍻🍾🍻🥡🥡🥢🥢v

  • zad15zad15
    zad15zad157 gün önce

    доблоеб :)

  • elqq2k
    elqq2k7 gün önce

    Suomentajalle rauhanpalkinto

  • 4 Skin
    4 Skin7 gün önce

    dude, screw driving this into a pool, i would engine swap with a gsxr 750 and take my bro on tour with it... it has a back seat bro!!!

  • Demonized
    Demonized8 gün önce

    Someone please grab his beer and drink it. For the love OF GOD 😂

  • djddj fjdjdkfl
    djddj fjdjdkfl8 gün önce


  • April Reynolds
    April Reynolds8 gün önce

    Obviously drunk

  • Cliff and Howie
    Cliff and Howie8 gün önce


  • Ashur
    Ashur8 gün önce


  • 20Gamer


    4 gün önce

    Bitch Americans are cool so stfu @Ashur

  • maxinvasionleet


    5 gün önce


  • John Wrasse
    John Wrasse8 gün önce

    Definitely more money the brains ...

  • Mlf Bangr

    Mlf Bangr

    Gün önce

    John Wrasse dude it has an snorkel it it's made for that type of abuse

  • John Wrasse

    John Wrasse

    5 gün önce

    maxinvasionleet ... not at all .... I have a 700 grizzly the that would have walked out of that pool ... just saying 🇺🇸

  • maxinvasionleet


    5 gün önce


  • Leonardo Carletti
    Leonardo Carletti9 gün önce

    la estupidez de la especie humana en su máxima expresión

  • prod. mango
    prod. mango9 gün önce

    y da hell would dis guy ride a quad in a house? dats dumb

  • Nidavelllir


    2 gün önce

    Lil mango weird flex but ok.

  • prod. mango

    prod. mango

    3 gün önce

    @Jacob Hilner my family has 4 quads and 1 dirt bike and i have 1000 dollars in fishing rods and tackle

  • Jacob Hilner

    Jacob Hilner

    4 gün önce

    Lil mango shut up city slicker

  • Taras Ivanov
    Taras Ivanov9 gün önce


  • NOT Sway
    NOT Sway10 gün önce

    I thought its clickbait but im happy that i was wrong

  • CrazyHawaiian808
    CrazyHawaiian80811 gün önce

    Just, why...?

  • FlameBook


    4 gün önce

    That’s the point of an atv lame asses 😂

  • zivex


    7 gün önce

    Skipp Dunlap they didn’t lose any money

  • Skipp Dunlap

    Skipp Dunlap

    7 gün önce

    E Schlansker because it’s a waste of money

  • E Schlansker

    E Schlansker

    9 gün önce

    Why not?

  • Schwab Cob
    Schwab Cob11 gün önce

    I love how there's a beer in his hand

  • megin scheepers
    megin scheepers11 gün önce

    Defenition of a atv

  • Mike ram
    Mike ram11 gün önce

    Boring video!!

  • Eltizon.34
    Eltizon.3412 gün önce

    Recommended 2 years later

  • Bobby Plays

    Bobby Plays

    9 gün önce

    ElTizon1234 Same😂

  • Jesse Kirppu

    Jesse Kirppu

    12 gün önce


  • Michal Augustyniak
    Michal Augustyniak12 gün önce

    Aliens do exist!

  • Samuel Soares
    Samuel Soares12 gün önce


  • popa_haaag 777
    popa_haaag 77713 gün önce

    Alguien más no se pregunta por q no se le murió la moto

  • Vladimir Milisic
    Vladimir Milisic13 gün önce


  • reina soto
    reina soto13 gün önce


  • Mr_Elysium _45
    Mr_Elysium _4513 gün önce

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="221">3:41</a>🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂

  • Pako Darbiste
    Pako Darbiste13 gün önce

    Red bull pool

  • Luis Talamantes
    Luis Talamantes14 gün önce

    His wife is understanding because she's his sister also!😬🤮🤣

  • Luis Talamantes

    Luis Talamantes

    11 gün önce

    Sweet home Alabama where your kin can be your wife,,,,,, and so and so forth how the chorus goes!🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • rick roller

    rick roller

    11 gün önce

    Lebron Jame sweet HOME Alabama

  • Lebron Jame

    Lebron Jame

    14 gün önce

    Luis Talamantes tf?

  • Rogue 1
    Rogue 114 gün önce

    Deep cleaning

  • Der Zeusitenhirsch 86
    Der Zeusitenhirsch 8614 gün önce

    God save America-not

  • Joshua Maldonado
    Joshua Maldonado15 gün önce

    You can tell he’s the show off at all the family functions!

  • cristian heredia
    cristian heredia15 gün önce

    Todos los yankees son iguales de presumidos y pelotudos?

  • Vasco Alho
    Vasco Alho15 gün önce

    Não vais conseguir tirar a Mota

  • Katoka
    Katoka15 gün önce

    This is proof of why some people shouldn’t drink

  • guido7095
    guido709516 gün önce

    i can do this, hold my beer... well no i do that and hold it by myself

  • Ethan Adey
    Ethan Adey16 gün önce

    Can-am SKEET!

  • Ryan Long
    Ryan Long17 gün önce

    This my be the most Chad thing i've ever seen.

  • Dick Booty

    Dick Booty

    16 gün önce

    Ryan Long, this comment seriously deserves some more likes🤣

  • david hill
    david hill17 gün önce

    Starving for attention dude my god!

  • Milo ballz101
    Milo ballz10117 gün önce

    Im sure his insurance provider must love this video

  • Gary Ruth
    Gary Ruth17 gün önce

    Nothing like a bunch of stupid drunks

  • relztrah
    relztrah18 gün önce

    I'd like to see your neighbors try to top this.

  • Rigoberto Garcia Benitez
    Rigoberto Garcia Benitez20 gün önce

    Stupid guy’s

  • JWA Farms
    JWA Farms20 gün önce

    Been a few years since this was randomly recommended, glad it’s back after all this time. Thank YT

  • Kyllen Romero
    Kyllen Romero20 gün önce

    Nice video, can am a true monster, I just saw a scrambler 1000 and it looked like it was never coming out of what I call a puddle lol

  • machjaghjolu
    machjaghjolu20 gün önce

    il faut vraiment etre con pour faire une chose pareil et surtout filmer et le poster sur TRlist.

  • Justin Corbin
    Justin Corbin21 gün önce