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Bushworld Adventures | adult swim


  • josh drapeau
    josh drapeau12 saatler önce

    So much better then the actual show

  • imabeast254
    imabeast25413 saatler önce

    I thought there was going to be a big “ricks just on a meth bender” reveal

  • Carlos Rodriguez
    Carlos Rodriguez13 saatler önce

    "Get a paddle pub, Mortyyyy" I needed subtitles for that line lol.

  • Rick Sanchez
    Rick Sanchez13 saatler önce

    Estamos na dimensão sangrenta do matoWe're in the bloody bush dimension mWe're in the bloody bush dimension m

  • CraftyTheo10
    CraftyTheo1014 saatler önce

    Rick sounds like LazarBeam

  • ya boiinator
    ya boiinator16 saatler önce

    Boomer rick

  • Dan Slash
    Dan Slash17 saatler önce

    This shit is messing me up in real time.

  • AttackTitan04
    AttackTitan0421 saatler önce

    We need more bush world adventures Who wants to come with me to BENDIGO

  • 18Phurinatthanan Meetham
    18Phurinatthanan Meetham21 saatler önce

    WTF who think this season

  • Bury Franklin
    Bury Franklin22 saatler önce

    use your mouth

  • Dwight
    DwightGün önce

    one little suck

  • Titan
    TitanGün önce

    Imagine if this was a anti-drugs commercial

  • Benjamin Allen
    Benjamin AllenGün önce

    Wait is the cube a reference to hell raiser

  • Jay
    JayGün önce

    0:23 me after quitting smoking

  • Cadence Howell
    Cadence HowellGün önce

    M E H U S B A N D S A B L O O D Y U T E

  • Ethan Gerstein
    Ethan GersteinGün önce

    this version is superior to the version on the adult swim website, as the swears are not censored, making them more impactful

  • Max Blythe
    Max BlytheGün önce

    You leave my brother alone YOU LEAVE HIM ALOOIIIINE

  • Rasengamer
    RasengamerGün önce

    This predicted the snake episode

  • ItsMeHaven
    ItsMeHavenGün önce

    They started the fires

  • CHANGEgalaxy
    CHANGEgalaxyGün önce

    Yeah rick was right it is a earth worn because why morty didn't die

  • cryptOjam Xx
    cryptOjam XxGün önce

    They should redo this in 2020 except the differences everything’s on fire like in Australia right now

  • That1solaryeet Yt
    That1solaryeet YtGün önce

    Rick sounds like LazarBeam

  • Coder06
    Coder06Gün önce


  • Deafforever1231
    Deafforever1231Gün önce

    Gulagulagulagula Yea?

  • The Fire JB
    The Fire JBGün önce

    whata fuck

  • The Brother Channel
    The Brother ChannelGün önce

    It felt like this was made by a parody youtuber.

  • DKdrumm3r
    DKdrumm3rGün önce

    I did zom science to me portalgan, now it’s also a real gan - Rick

  • Ranjith
    RanjithGün önce

    This version of Rick and Morty exists: People with motion sickness:

  • QualltyLife GT
    QualltyLife GTGün önce

    Naked Man:My life i's miserable

  • everything Nola
    everything NolaGün önce

    "I was having a little morty sleep" 😂

  • omar Martinez
    omar MartinezGün önce

    This is my go too when I’m 2 hours into my acid trip

  • Balint Szegedi
    Balint SzegediGün önce

    Rick & Morty on acid 🤮

  • Louis Armstrong
    Louis ArmstrongGün önce

    Oh noooooo I filled it with diesel!!!

  • Justin Haley
    Justin HaleyGün önce

    Bendigo Represent!

  • krawnik kruzer
    krawnik kruzer2 gün önce

    Haaa the 22k people that are offended tho 🤣👍

  • Suicide Box
    Suicide Box2 gün önce

    4:28when your mom walks in at this part

  • gacinto gamer
    gacinto gamer2 gün önce

    Rick and Morty but more stupid

  • Megan Lynn
    Megan Lynn2 gün önce

    This was a lot

  • DwayneHicks426
    DwayneHicks4262 gün önce

    Did the producers of GOT work on this?

  • ian smith
    ian smith2 gün önce

    What Dock and marty is back?

  • TheInternetLad
    TheInternetLad2 gün önce

    *sanity has left the chat*

  • Mike Harish
    Mike Harish2 gün önce

    Why do all comments have 1k plus likes except mine

  • Mike Harish

    Mike Harish

    Gün önce

    @Mr.Right Side lol i didn't ask for likes

  • Mr.Right Side

    Mr.Right Side

    Gün önce

    Because they don't beg

  • Delilah The doe
    Delilah The doe2 gün önce

    Is rick maxmoefoe 😂

  • PhantomD 428
    PhantomD 4282 gün önce

    Look at Morty's face tho 2:40 😂

  • breead man
    breead man2 gün önce

    This feels like an australia joke

  • moth man
    moth man2 gün önce

    M 8

  • Irgendwer Bestimmt
    Irgendwer Bestimmt2 gün önce

    It’s just an alternative Universe...without nazis.

  • Rick Sanchez
    Rick Sanchez2 gün önce

    Very good

  • Liam Blackwood
    Liam Blackwood2 gün önce

    I swear this was voiced by lazarbeam

  • Lucas Espinoza
    Lucas Espinoza2 gün önce


  • Brice Gloden
    Brice Gloden2 gün önce

    This is the BIG LEZ SHOW version of Rick and morty

  • Rezzy :Þ
    Rezzy :Þ2 gün önce

    Did Lazerbeam make this??

  • Mark parsons
    Mark parsons2 gün önce

    The team fortress 2 one is better than this

  • Box -71
    Box -712 gün önce

    If it was really Australia everything would be on fire

  • Otto Silvanus
    Otto Silvanus2 gün önce

    Lamest shit ever 👎

  • The N
    The N3 gün önce

    Mohhrty you safed Me ! you saved me Life ! ;c how sweet is that ;(

    MRSIRBOTTOMDIK3 gün önce

    I cant understand this i dont have a big enough iq

  • Logan Brennan
    Logan Brennan3 gün önce

    Lazarbeam used this as a reference in a video of fortnite because of kevin

  • Ace Hoak
    Ace Hoak3 gün önce

    Is Rick molly? You know from vr gaming

  • Valéria Martins
    Valéria Martins3 gün önce

    I'm high watching this